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I was quite surprised when I saw several new none guttenburg project books hit the iBook “top seller” list.

This is because smash words is now publishing books to the apple list.

Some of the books are good quality in the contains, but the epub formatting on some of the titles leaves a lot to be desired, as I had to reformat the font size and style several times to make one of the stories even readable.

It is also surprising that the short stories have an ISBN number that apple require for publication.

I know that I will be investigating the smash words website for more information on getting a book published to the iBook store.

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After a return from illness I have decided to add a lot more content to the site over the next few months.

The one article each Sunday is just not enough for people returning to the site on a weekly bases.

I have plenty of things to review, but some of these may have to go back into the archives a little, but I will make sure the pricing and links are up to date (and the latest version is reviewed)

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Osmos for iPad is a strange games by Hemisphere games.

This game is being hyped as a work of genius, and is being downloading by the masses, but is it really as good as they say, after all the £2.99 is a little high.

The answer is: Maybe

It is a nice game with beautiful sound and music, but will it keep you entertained for long, unlikely.

The idea of the game is simple enough, tap the screen to shot “air bubbles” out of yourself. Doing so makes you smaller, but moves you around. If you hit something smaller than yourself you absorb it, making you larger. If it is bigger than you, it absorbs you, then it is game over.

It is fun to play, but I don’t see myself returning to play it much in the weeks to come.

Rating: 7.5/10

Price (at time of review):

Link: Osmos

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Tiki Totems is a puzzle game by Spokko.

The basic idea of the game is to remove blocks from the screen and try to get the Totem to still be on the screen and safe by the end of the process.

Some of the blocks can only be removed by hitting a same coloured block, some cannot be removed etc.

The graphics and sound are functional.

There is also downloadable content available to buy.

Overall, this is a fun and addictive puzzle game, but the amount of timing required at time makes it a like annoying.

Rating: 7/10

Price (at time of review):
£0.59 – Premium Version
(Free Version with in-app purchases)

Link: Tiki Totems