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Internetgumshoe Archive

With the closure of our website, I have archived the data off to a WordPress website.

This will allow you to continue to read our past reviews without the ongoing hosting costs.

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At the start of this year InternetGumshoe was days away from closure and our great readership saved it.

In the days that followed I received lots of support and the webOS readership donated over $120 within 3 days of the donation button going live.

I refocused the website to fully support the webOS platform and the iOS side of things became more of a side line. 

Sadly, even as we stuck with webOS, the readership appears to have not been so loyal to us or webOS.

Our readership has declined massively over the last few months with May showing a total of 2,650 visitors, which is less than 100 visitors to the website a day. 

In May we received a total donatation of $5, and spent $37.10 on hosting and reviews. The large increase in spending on applications was due to the lack of free applications being released and that only two developers offered promo codes for webOS software in May. As our goal was to bring you daily reviews it has meant spending money to review the new applications.

I have never been one to ask people for money and it was hard for me to take donations for the site, which I wanted to give information and reviews for free.

So given that the website has now almost run out of money and the readership has declined to less than one hundred people a day, I felt that I had to make a tough decision on the sites future.

As you may know, I am the only person looking after the InternetGumshoe after our old sponsor removed their support and this site has become more of a hobby since then.

I looked at time I am spending each day on the website (90 minutes or more) for 365 days a year, so this was 46.5 hours of work. I looked at donation of $5 for May and then at the less than 100 visitors a day. There was only one real conclusion I could draw from this data.

As of today, I will be closing the InternetGumshoe for good. I will use the remaining funds to keep the hosting up for another month so any readers can view our back catalogue of reviews.

I will be removing the donate buttons from the site, as I expect one or two of you will want to donate again to keep the site going for a few more days or months, but I would not be happy doing it any more knowing the small readership that will see the reviews.

There are many readers (well less than 100 anyway) who will be disappointed by this and I totally understand. Believe me this was not a decision I made overnight, but have been considering for a long time.

For those looking for webOS reviews and information I have to recommend the webOS Nation it is the place that is managing to keep webOS alive, let’s face it, they have the reviews, forums and homebrew side of things covered and I could never hope to build that side of things up here much as I have tried in the past.

I have given this site more than two years of my life, putting in countless hours of work. I have to face facts that it has failed to make an impact and I would be better off spending my time on another project.

This does not mean I have abandoned webOS, I am still supporting the GMMan’s replacement for Pivot, and you never know the InternetGumshoe may find a home in those pages in some small way.

My kindess regards and best wishes to you all.


Long live webOS…


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