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Fast Five the Movie: Official Game HD is a racing game / movie tie-in from Gameloft.

The idea behind the game is tied in with the Fast Five Movie, but as I have need seen it yet I cannot say how closely.

The game offers a career, in which you do standard races, drag (short races where you change gears manually), Drift (slide round corners for points) and time attacks (racing against the clock). There are also quick races available. Wins in each will add to your cash total in etc mode, allowing for unlocking new cars.

As you progress through the game you get fame and cash. The fame unlocks the levels and the cash buys the cars. The game has ten chapters and four races in each, as well as a starting event (adding upto around 50 levels.)

The driving in the game is done in various way, depending on the options you select, but it basically a selection between tilt and touch controls. You will probably and to try them all to find the best version for your style of play.

The game gives you limited turbos, but these can sometimes be found on the track. There are also underground market points that allow you to effect the race by sabotaging opponents or giving bonuses to you) this can be useful if you are stuff in an event.

There are multiplayer options with online, wifi and bluetooth options available. This adds some longevity to the game.

The tracks are generally good, but I found the chapter 3 track a little dark and cramped at times.

The sounds are is good, and the graphic are very good, but there is “pop-up” in the game.

On the upside:

  • Some nice “Set Up Accidents” that change the levels
  • Fast pasted driving game

On the downside:

  • Very slow loading between races.
  • Lack of cars to unlock.
  • Rewind feature makes the game a lot easier than it should be.
  • Not Universal, you need to buy the iPhone version seperately.

Overall, this is a good driving game, and for a movie tie in is better than a lot of others. The game shows it Asphalt 6 backend and is more limited than the counterpart. The changes to the levels made by the “Set Plays” is good, but does not hide the short falls in the game. If you like the Asphalt style game and own them all already, then this is worth adding to your collection.

Rating: 80%

Size: 441 MB

Price (at time of review): £2.99

Link: Fast Five the Movie: Official Game HD – Gameloft

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Here are three more games that have got a lot of play time this week.

1) Operation wow HD – Ivanovich Games [iPad] (Currently Free) – 81%

Nice clone of the original Operation Wolf game with some extras and funnies added.

2) Order & Chaos© Online – Gameloft [Universal] (£3.99) – 88%

An excellent and solid MMO RPG, the UI needs a little work, but is still the best.

3) Air Penguin – GAMEVIL Inc. [iPhone/iPod Touch] (£0.59) – 82%

A fun and addictive little tilt controlled dodge and job game.

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The Royal Wedding – Official Souvenir Programme is available on iBooks.

This book is the offical programme of the royal wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton on the 29th April 2011.

On the upside:

  • Nice photos of the happy couple
  • Short, but sweet

On the downside:

  • Nothing, it is free

Overall, this is a nice souvenir of the happy day, and something to look at in years to come.

Rating: 70%

Pages: 29 (iPad Portrait)

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: The Royal Wedding – Official Souvenir Programme – The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry

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Vampire Rush is a combat based tower defence game released by Chillingo Ltd.

The game puts you in control of Captain Greg, who uses his trustly sword to defend a gateway that is the only thing standing between the vampires and their minions from escaping an area. The enemy will race towards this gate in wave after wave of combat action.

You are able to build towers to defend the game, and upgrade these with money as the wave continues.

Captain Greg can also upgrade his skills, the main one being the ability to heal himself.

During the waves some bonus chests and boxes appear, which can be picked up, they give extra money, healing etc.

The game is controlled by a virtual joystick and a button to attack. There are action buttons that switch on as you purchase skills. You also have two menus that pull out to allow the purchase of towers and skills.

The graphics and sound are very good.

On the upside:

  • Fast paced defence game
  • Good mix of combat and defence (allowing you to set up towers between waves)

On the downside:

  • I think the 10 waves takes a little too long, and a higher percentage of cash transferred between levels.
  • A little repetitive.

Overall, this is a good mix of combat and defence game, a year ago this would have been fairly unique, however, it is now there are lots of this type of game. It is one of the better ones I have played, but I feel it just needs something more to make it stand out from the crowd, like Dungeon Defender which is the same price or Bug Heroes. All this said Vampire Rush is a good game and worth a look if you love your action tower defence games.

Rating: 78%

Size: 82.0 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.79

Link: Vampire Rush HD – Chillingo Ltd

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Order & Chaos Online is an online multiplayer role playing game and is released by Gameloft.

** This is a subscription product, so after 3 months, additional in-app purchases must be made and an online gameloft account is needed **

The online side of things works well and I have had no issues with connection or lag at the moment. The servers are European, so I did notice the lack of English in the in-game communication boxes as player’s spoke.

The basics of the game, are there you character a starting character, and by completing quests and killing creatures you will advance in level. You can buy new items and spells as you advance through the game and gain levels. You can also obtain items that are dropped by dead creatures.

The game is controlled by a virtual joystick and some action buttons that will appear as needed. The interface is general good, but needs a little work, as you will be tapping to loot a creature and then a menu will pop up as it believes you want to activate it.

The graphics and sound are excellent. The landscape will sometimes morph as you run (depending on your device) as the ground lifts or falls. You can add your own soundtrack will playing.

Due to the similarity between this game and World of Warcraft (WOW) they will be compared, but it is a little unfair. WOW has had years to evolve and to iron out several of its issues, Order & Chaos has tried to learn from these, and other such games and he successed on many levels.

It is good that multiple start points have been created depending on the race you select, this gives the game additional longevity.

On the upside:

  • Well designed RPG
  • Lots to see and do
  • Universal App

On the downside:

  • Some minor bugs.
  • User interface needs some work, as some things can be triggered by accident.
  • Lots of in-app purchases that can improve the characters, which could unbalance.
  • Need to find trainers to purchase spells and skills, you need to work out where these are to progress.

Overall, I am a fan of World of Warcraft, and this really does feel very similar. At present there is lots of things to see and do, with characters to advance and skills to unlock and try. I think that Gameloft will have to make sure the game is expanded regularly to make sure the subscription is worthwhile. Overall, this is the best MMORPG on the iPhone/iPad to date, and if you are a fan of these you will feel right at home here.

Rating: 88%

Size: 589 MB

Price (at time of review): £3.99 (3 months subscription free then £0.59 a month (discounted if purchased in 3 or 6 months)

Link: Order & Chaos© Online – Gameloft