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Beavers Strike Back HD is a physics puzzle game released by Starwind Games.

The time has passed since the last war against the Beavers. The Frogs have been living peacefully in their swamp … but Beavers want revenge! They will strike back and you should help them this time.”

This game is the follow up to Battle Frogging HD, but this time is Beavers attacking the Frogs rather than visa versa.

I do not think the developers would complain too much if I said this game is clearly based on Angry Birds, using many of the gameplay elements and features. The game is not a direct clone, but generally works the same.

You have a set number of beavers to complete a level. You then fire them in order out of a cannon or catapult (depending on the level) at an angle of your choice into the structures that are protecting the frogs. Destroy all the frogs and you have completed the level.

There are also three stars around the level, if anything hits these stars you are awarded them. You will need a certain number of stars to advance at the end of the 15 stages to the next area.

As you progress through the game you will other types of beavers will appear. The choice of beavers is made by the game, so if you have a favorite it may not be available on all levels.

Gameplay wise, the levels are generally fun to play, even if you fail a level you will almost always want to retry immediately. There is also replayability to collect the stars as well as doing the level.

The graphics and sound are very similar to the angry birds, with beavers instead of birds and frogs instead of pigs.

On the upside:

  • Angry Birds style action.
  • Lots of levels (currently 75 with more promised).
  • Addictive gameplay

On the downside:

  • Sometimes luck, rather than strategy or skill will help you complete a level.
  • Some of the level are tough (annoyingly soon)
  • Sometimes odd physics (blocks do not fall in the way you think they would).

Overall, if you like Angry Birds style games this is a solid and well made clone. Personally I would stick with the original versions are they are great and real deal. However, if you are on a budget or hate frogs more than pigs then this game is a good alternative and you will generally enjoy it. 

Rating: 82%

Size: 35.2 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.99

Link: Beavers Strike Back HD – Starwind Games

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Only two free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment today.

DJPad Free Trial : 65%

This is an interesting DJ application. Before you can do anything you need to add a music directory onto the Touchpad and add some MP3 files into this directory. Luckily I had Gemini File Manager installed so that was simple enjoy, but you will need some file management software to use this application. Once set up you load up two of the MP3 tracks and then you can mix, raise and lower volumes, set a focus track. DJ wise, it is a little on the basic side, but I can see it being a fun application for some. Gives a good taster of what the paid app can do.

Flivr – Explore Flickr : 54%

This first time I loaded this application it had a black screen and locked up my Touchpad solid. So I rebooted the Touchpad. However, when the Touchpad rebooted I found that the application had disappeared completing from the Touchpad and the HP App Catalog said it was not installed. So I reinstalled again. It took a few seconds to get past the black screen and then I found myself looking at a gallery of random flickr images, click on one of these and you will see full screen. You can then flick left and right to move to the next photos. The photos were all of a generally good or excellent quality. You can open these files in flickr or save as wallpaper. This is not a bad app if a little basic, but the first load experience left a bad taste in the mouth.

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Jiggy Blocks is a block jigsaw game (Tetris) released by fxspec06.

“Jiggy Blocks is a jigsaw spinning port which includes many variations of the famous old-school arcade game. Featuring retro graphics, cheesy music, and classic gameplay, this is the game you want to buy to get your old school block crunching needs fulfilled. Classic game modes such as Marathon and Sprint are included, along with many more from various jiggy games over the years.”

This game is basically a clone of various types of Tetris games that have been available over the last few years.

There are several modes available to play, and these often have various level of difficulty available. Modes include 1988 Mega Tetra version, 1989 NES Tetra and a 2006 Tetra DS version.

Gameplay wise, depending on the mode your select will be the Tetris that your remember and love. As you rotate the falling blocks into the right locations to build a solid wall that will allow the lines to disappear as you advance.

The game is controlled by using a virtual d pad and three virtual keys to rotate and hold the falling blocks. The controls are small and not always responsive. There game does allow for keyboard control as well, which is a little better.

Strangely, for all the game modes available, the game is lacking in preferences and does not even have a pause button or a way to quit the current game and return to the main menu.

The graphics are your standard retro fair, looking like the original. The music is an interesting mix on the original tune, but soon becomes repetitive and annoying.

On the upside:

  • Fast and Fun gameplay.
  • Simple, but great design.
  • A retro classic with lots of modes.

On the downside:

  • Controls are small and a tap off by a centimetre could ruin your game.
  • The backgrounds on some stage do clash with the game board a little too much.
  • You will soon find yourself reaching for the volume buttons to get rid of the music.

Overall, this is good conversion of a classic game. There are lots of game modes and a lot to recommend the game on, however, it is sadly let down by the controls and other mini issues. With a few tweaks and improvements this game could be a must have for Touchpad owners looking for some classic retro entertainment.

Rating: 79%

Size: 20.3 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: Jiggy Blocks – fxspec06

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One Epic Game is a run, jump and gun game released by Chillingo Ltd.

There’s only one hero who can save us all. Unfortunately, he’s busy, so it’s up to you instead. So now it’s time to protect the world from an alien invasion right in the middle of a zombie outbreak in a post-apocalyptic wasteland…full of all your favorite bad guys!”

Immediately on playing this game you will notice the similarities with Monster Dash, but does that make this a good or bad game?

Take control of “Alpha Dog” our gun wielding hero who’s job it is to run, jump and shot his way to victory jumping gaps, shooting enemies and all the usual other stuff.

Demolition Dash offers three types of gameplay, a campaign / story mode, challenges and a free run mode. The story mode is split up into short challenges, like run 800 meters with one life. Once the challenge is done you more onto the next part of the story which are seperated by sometimes funny cut scenes. Challenge mode is just a small group of challenges, like run 1000 meters. Free Run allows you to play like Monster Dash, endless running until your lifes run out or you fall down a gap.

On the way through the levels you have to leap holes in the ground, avoid or shot the enemy and collect the odd power up (weapons and health)

Gameplay wise this game is very similar to Monster Dash. Alpha Dog arrives in an area and starts running. As you shot enemies your score will increase, but you cannot keep shooting as from time to time something will appear that if shot you will lose a lot of points.

The game is controlled with two touch buttons, a jump button on the left hand side and a fire button on the right. The longer you hold the jump area the higher you will leap, sort tap equals a short jump.

The graphics and sounds are both good.

My biggest complain with the game is that you must grab the jetpack power up if it appears, as the floor will disappear and you will fall down the gap for a game over if you miss it. Also some of the collapsing platforms do not work correctly, they are too long and start to collapse as soon as they are touched, so can disappear from the screen before the next platform has come into view.

On the upside:

  • Nicely designed and presented.
  • Fast and fun gameplay.

On the downside:

  • Repetitive is played several times in a row.
  • Some very annoying challenges.
  • Not Universal.

Overall, this is an enjoyable and playable title. It has taken the tried and tested formula, and does a nice job if it. This game is great for the more casual gamer, who will play for time to time. It really is just a challenge based Monster Dash game with a scoring system at the end of the day. A good game it is, Epic it isn’t.

Rating: 75%

Size: 35.3 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.69

Link: One Epic Game – Chillingo Ltd

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Only two free Touchpad applications get the round up treatment today.

Make A Scene: Safari Lite : 70%

This is the second lite version of a “Make A Scene” application. As with the previous one, tt is very much a locked down version on the paid application. However, from the way they have padlocked the option is gives the user a very good idea of the addition features they will get in the paid version. Your kids will be able to make some images with the limited sticker set and background. If you let you kids play this you can expect them to soon complain about the padlocks and ask you to get the full version.

XO – Subsomic Commander (DEMO) : 68%

This application is a demo and therefore I will give it a bit of leeway in the rating. This application allows you to stream music from the web service. This means that the application has great potential in the future. At the moment, it only allows you to link into a demo account that has several audio tracks that you can try out streaming. This application really is a “proof of concept” at the moment, the user interface needs a little work, but if the final product lives up to the potential, it could be a must have application. It is worth a look, but a bit rough round the edges for now. 

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