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Another two application get the round up treatment.

Pandora Tablet : 75%*

* This one is for U.S. users only as the Pandora service is limited to U.S. at this time. * I have not been able to test this review myself, as I am based in the UK. However, one of the ex-members of the InternetGumshoe staff was able to try out the application for me while on holiday in the U.S. This application is basically give you the functionally for Pandora, but with the added advantage of being able to use it in exhibition mode and also offering control while the app is in a card view. Mark really liked it, so I have rated as 75%. U.S. touchpad owners should check it out, especially if they are already Pandora users. 

Zod Commander : 58%

This is a bit of an odd version of this classic R.T.S. game. It is an emulation running on the Touchpad. Therefore, the game menus are very small and there is a mouse pointer on-screen. The game begins with several troops already built and ready for action. I found the touch controls poor at best. Sometimes I could not even get the menu to close without stabbing the screen with my finger. I remember playing this game from a long time ago, but without instructions in-game it makes things even more difficult. If you fan of this game from the past, then you may be able to get some fun out of this game, if not, confusion and disappointment will be all you get from the game.

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Same Game by Bleeding Knees Club is this weeks free single of the week.

This song is a fair release from iTunes.

Apple has this marked as an alterative track.

The music track is OK. The music is drum and guitar heavy and nothing really grabs you.

The song is sung by a male singer, the lyrics are generally clear. It is clear the singer has not had any real singing lessons as he croaks his way through the song.

Overall, this is fair track. I found it a little dull and repetitive for me. This appears to be a group of three young guys that are finding their musical way. The song is not bad, but it sounds like the band have to find their way.

Rating: 55%

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: Same Game – Single – Bleeding Knees Club

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ASRI Astral Space Racer Infinity is a side scrolling dodge game released by Game Scorpion Inc.

“Play as a new cadet testing out a new ship. Your mission is simple, fly the new ship known as Astral as fast and far as you can without crashing.”

This game puts you in control of a new spaceship that needs to avoid asteroids as it is tested out.

Gameplay wise, you can maneuver your spaceship up and down the screen to dodge the oncoming asteriods. In the first two waves (modes) the ship does not have weapons, in the wave 3 you have a weapon that fires automatically.

Once you hit an asteroids it is game over, to you will need to dodge them all.

During the waves you will also encounter special items, like orbs. You need to be selective with these, as some will speed you up, some will slow you down and others will act as a smart bomb and get rid of all the asteroids on the screen.

Gameplay wise, you are limited in movement to moving up and down, so controls are simple.

To be honest you will only play wave 2 if you like the dodging side of the game, and wave 3 if you want to have the weapon.

The developers have promised more waves and special items in the future, and this could add to the game over time.

The graphics and sound are both reasonable.

On the upside:

  • A solid dodge game.
  • Several different waves / modes to keep the interest up.

On the downside:

  • Better if played in small amounts, as things can become repetitive.
  • Lack of difficulty levels.

Overall, this is a reasonable little game, and is fun for a while. There is really nothing that will keep you coming back for long. If the developer does deliver on the promised extra content then this could bring new life to the game. It is worth a look at 79p if you like your game play simple.

Rating: 74%

Size: 19.9 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: ASRI Astral Space Racer Infinity – Game Scorpion Inc

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Another two application get the round up treatment.

Commander : 68%

This application is a basic file manager application. It gives you access to the file system on the Touchpad. Navigation is simple and clicking on the files or folders and then using the option at the base of the screen. If you double on a supported file, like an image, it will open full screen, surprisingly it does not open when you press view. For me the text is a little small, making it trickier to tap the correct folder or file. This is another solid file management app and worth a look, especially if you need to navigate deeper than the standard internal folder.

Frodo C64 for webOS : 51%

This application allows you to emulate the Commodore 64 on your Touchpad. I copied some of my old C64 files onto the Touchpad and gave them a go. The basic side of things work well enough, but I found that the emulator had issues loading most of the files I tried. One or Two worked OK, however, when I tried Paradroid it worked (a T64 file), but I found the virtual joystick hard to use and firing straight almost impossible. Even the merging to taken over other robots did not work for some reason. Add this to the fact that you need to download the software, unzip it, move it into the game folder (which you need to create) and then set up the game. Well as you can see it is probably a bit too much time and effect for most people. At the moment I would say wait if you are a C64 fan until some of the bugs are ironed out, as you may be disappointed.

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WiFi Touchpad File Browser allows you to share files via WiFi and is released by PreNewbieSV.

This application allows you to share your Touchpad over your local WiFi. It opens up an IP address from which you can copy files to and from the Touchpad using your internet browser on your computer.

As far as the application is concerned there is nothing too much to it. An instruction page and a button to start the sharing. The main area of the screen is used to show the files that are being copied and viewed.

It is true that you can plug in your Touchpad via the USB and copy the files using the file management on the computer. However, this application is great if you are at a friends and they want an image or file from the Touchpad, you can quickly share the file without the need for cables or special set up.

Most the work for moving the application will be done on the internet browser on your computer. This is easy enough to browser and use as long as you have some ideas what the Touchpad’s file structure is like, and if you are using Homebrew, then you more than likely do.

The user interface is basic, but simple to use.

On the upside:

  • Easy to set up for file sharing, with all the instructions in app.
  • Press start and share.

On the downside:

  • Very basic user interface.
  • You will need to know a little about the Touchpad file structure to find something.

Overall, this is a good file management tool. The design is basic and there is nothing fancy about this at all. However, it does the job. If you want to move files from your PC or Mac to and from your Touchpad via WiFi this application lets you browser and move the files simply and easily.

Rating: 75%

Size: 3.5 MB

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: WiFi Touchpad File Browser – PreNewbieSV

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