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Drop the Freemium design and give use quality titles, we do not mind paying for them, just not too much.

Please developers, when planning your software development in 2012 do not think about the in-app purchases, think about the game you are making.

In 2011, we have seen dozens of Freemium titles, on only a few have been worth making in-app purchases for.

It seems that all the developers want to do is maximise the possibility of getting more than 69p for their application, and they are willing to do anything to get that extra cash including compromising the game.

I have nothing against good in-app purchases that bring good extra content. In extra 100 levels or a new campaign for a small in-app purchase are great.

Developers need to get out of the mind set that their apps can only sell for £0.69 or Free. Several companies sell their applications for £1.99 and have been making money hand over fist for the last few years.

If an application is below £2 people will buy it, they may consider it for a moment, but believe me, if it has several good reviews (on sites like InternetGumshoe or on iTunes), then the game will sell.

There will be a push back against Freemium, and the cost up model in 2012, so it is better that your development team are not on the receiving end of this. Just make quality applications and the public will be willing to pay for it.

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Last week we announced that we had lost our funding, so now what is the future of InternetGumshoe.

From the 21st December I will be running the website single handedly again. This was the case for the first three months of the website, so it is not going to mean the end of the site for the near future.

Firstly, I would like to thanks Josh, Mark and Selena for all their help over the last few months and I hope that we will be able to work together again in the future.

What will this mean for you? Well, I hope I can keep the reviews coming every day. It may mean that some of the articles are missing from week to week, but I still plan to do the 1 iOS and 1 webOS review each day.

However, as I had a Christmas holiday booked it does mean that instead of the article / review filled run up to Christmas that we have planned, it is going to be a few reviews over the period.

I am still looking for financial backing for the site, but without it our review budget is reduced. So if we are unable to get promo codes from the developers we are unlikely to be reviewing high priced applications.

Hopefully I will be able to keep the site running long term, but I cannot promise it at this stage.

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The day has come that since starting InternetGumshoe I have feared most.

We have just had our funding pulled and the future of the InternetGumshoe is now very much in doubt. The group that had been supporting the website had joined when HP and webOS was being covered they saw this as a possibility to have a site that would be covering the 2nd place Tablet. However, with HP the dropping of the Touchpad and then open sourcing of webOS they feel that they can no longer support the site as in 2012 at least they do not see any new readers coming onboard.

They want to have the numbers of users to back up what they want to do. Our iOS readership is loyal but limited and our bigger numbers have been from webOS with use being visited by thousands of Touchpad owners. However, our funder see that number being static in 2012.

We tried to say that webOS was not dead and a company could start to develop a webOS tablet, even HP have said they are still interested in webOS.

This is not the death of the InternetGumshoe yet, but it is making for some tough days ahead. Advertising has been less than successful for us as most advertisers we can deal with are UK companies and our readership is around 80% U.S. This is why the funding has been so helpful for us.

We will keep you up to date as things change here and we hope to be able to keep the reviews coming.

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HP have announced their decision on the future of webOS, it is “Open Source” but what does this mean?

Well, firstly it means that webOS is not dead, HP will release webOS slowly into the public domain and the community can the pick up and run with it. webOS has a great developer community and they will be able to do some great stuff with it. We have already seen webOS 3.0 installed on non Palm/HP devices.

That said, webOS will be very unlikely to get any hardware in 2012. HP will not be building hardware in the near future (only tablets if they do) and they are not in a position to do it if they do decide to make more. 

Will we see new hardware from HP at all? They have said it is possible, but it is very unlikely, they have get rid of the hardware side of the business already. They would need to buy in hardware or rehire staff to work on tablets. They have already closed the door on the phone market.

Will a large company like HTC or Samsung using webOS now it is open source? It is possible, but again very unlikely. They are more than likely going to stay with Android as it will have a bigger market and they are already developing phone for these.

So what is going to happen to webOS? At the moment, it looks like it will remain a niche market, with fans buying hardware from other companies, then wiping the software and installing webOS. It will mean that if HP pull the HP App Catalog it will become home brew developers only and the big companies who have been selling apps would release no new software.

Will InternetGumshoe continue to cover webOS? Well, we will have to see. Our financial backer rang after the news of the announcement was released asked for a meeting on Monday 12th December), but it looks like they are pulling out of the website. Unless we can find a new backer, well the future of InternetGumshoe looks as shaky as webOS.

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With some strange apps authorised on the Apple app store and big titles crashing with the devices it is advertised to work on, you have to ask who checks these apps before they are released?

In the run up to Christmas hundreds of apps are being released in the App Store, and there have been several examples in the last few weeks of the Apple.

Big Fish’s game rental – This app was authorised for release, and then Apple pulled it when they suddenly realised it offered subscription payment.

iTether – An application that allowed you to tether without a tethering plan from the carriers. Even the name of the app gave away what it was doing, but some how it was authorised.

There have also been dozens of games released that users have complained have been crashing on their devices even with all the clearing of memory and resetting. Why is this happening more now? Well developers are pushing the devices to the limits and when they do that is issue.

It seems from reports that Apple do not test compatibility on their devices, this is up to the individual developer, which seems harsh on some developers who would need to own several devices to make sure there app will not crash.

We have seen Chair make this error with Infinity Blade 2, where it crashes and will not load on the iPad 1 where the user has more than a few applications installed. They are working on the issue, but for the buyer it does not give a good first impression.

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