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Several of you have been contacting me over the last few weeks asking how the site is doing?

Well first, let me say, sorry for not keeping you guys up to date, January was a rough month for me and my family, but that is not a reason for keeping you up to date. I am a little behind with the emails and updating the review database, but they should be done by the end of the week.

Firstly, as you will have noticed InternetGumshoe is very much alive and still kicking. We have had over a dozen donation from our loyal readers, some have been small and others have been quite generous. At the moment, we have enough money in the pot to keep the website running until April, this includes paying for several applications for review (where the developer has not been willing to give review code or promo codes.)

At the moment, I am making sure there is one webOS article each and every day. You have probably noticed we cover one paid app and then a Free App Round up the next. Where possible I am writing articles on iOS or free music, but for now at least my main focus is getting the webOS reviews out there.

People have been asking why I am reviewing lots of kids apps and now many games. The answer to that one is simple, those are the applications that are being released. The list of games has not increased greatly over the last few weeks.

I am so grateful for your support, and that sixty percent of our readers are regulares and keep coming back to us as their source of webOS reviews.

As to the future, with your on going support we will continue to support webOS. I am hopeful that open webOS will breath new life the operating system and maybe we will see some new hardware to run it on. You can be sure as long as developers keep making new software for webOS, we will be there to review it.

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Hi Guys,

Sorry that we have not posted any articles today . It is because I am currently stuck in hospital and limited to using edge connection speeds without paying £15 ($20+) for the privilege.

We have not gone away.

Due to some good donations from our readers and some developers we are still very much in business.

Unfortunately, the last month or so have taken a toll of my health, but I plan to get back to posting new articles when I am out of hospital.

Keep subscribed and I hope to see you again soon

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The day has come that I never wanted to see, the possible closure of InternetGumshoe.

The last few weeks have been bad. We have had our financial backer pull out and we have let go all our part time staff, advertising revenue has been low due to our U.S. based readership when we are based in the U.K.

It has became clear that without some increase in finances, we are no longer about to break even. I had been supplementing the earnings of the website by paying for applications where the developer was unwilling to give promo codes or review copies of the application.

We have seen a sharp decrease in webOS developer offering promo codes, so we are faced with either only reviewing free application (and we have covered over 80% of these already with our FARU articles) or paying for the applications you are asking us to review.

Sadly, our iOS audience is also in decline, we are able to get promo codes for these application, but feel it is unfair to the developers to ask when some reviews are getting fewer than one hundred views when the Touchpad applications figures are in the several thousands.

So, unless something changes very soon, I will be forced to close down the InternetGumshoe, at present this looks like it will take place on the 16th January 2012.

The site will stay available for a while, but no new articles will be added.

Many of you have been loyal and wonderful reader, giving feedback and sending in requests and we have been more than happy to review the games you wanted to know about.

This impending closure is particularly sad as we believe we have been one of the best sites around for webOS application reviews, as we have covered well over 300 webOS titles.

If you can be of any help at all then please let us know, as frankly I do not want the InternetGumshoe to disappear when webOS needs all the help it can get.


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So what do we see happening this year for the Tech industry and InternetGumshoe? Here is our best guess.

Firstly, want about the mobile Operating Systems in 2012?

Windows Phone – We may see some updates to Mango this year and we will hopefully see more Windows Phones on the market, they are really being held back by the lack of Hardware at the moment, and with great alternatives available, more than likely Windows Phone will continue to stagger along with limited market share unless Nokia can come up with some great Hardware to sell it.

webOS – Talking of staggering along, we will need to see some rapid movement by HP to get the Open source software out there. The largest chance that webOS has to survival is that a hardware marker will take a chance and will try putting webOS on one of its devices to see how things go. If HP drag their feet at the start of this year with getting all the open source software out, they will sound the death nell with webOS, as it will make it impossible for hardware to come out in 2012, and that is too long out of the public eye. Only die hard fans will remain and that is no way to keep webOS going.

iOS – Well we are certain to see iOS 6 appear this year, we can also hope for improvements in iCloud and in Siri. iOS is beginning to feel a lot like OSX were it continues to evolve and improve under the surface, but the customer do not see many changes. iOS 6 really needs to bring something new to the table this year, as iOS despite being a great operating system is beginning to really feel dated.

Android – This is a make or break year for Goggle’s mobile operating system. This year they need to get the fragmentation under control in a major way. They need to draw a line and say that anything under Ice Cream Sandwich is dead, maybe even seperate Android 5 tolding away from the Android name. This new Google mobile OS is then what gets the support and work, everything else is open source and can remain, but Google need to focus their time and energy on the new Android and forget about the rest.

So finally, what is the future of InternetGumshoe is 2012. Well it is not as good as it was in 2011. It will be a tough year for InternetGumshoe that is for sure. We will survive to see our second full year? Well I hope so, and we will continue to make sure something new is published each and every day. webOS is our main selling point at the moment, but with no new users being added we are unable to promise huge new numbers to advertisers, and this is not what they want to hear. So at the moment, we need to look at new markets to get into without letting down our current readership. Do not worry, we will make sure you are involved with any big changes we make, for example, make sure you fill in our poll to let us know the operating systems you wish us to cover.

Anyway, we hope you all have a very Happy New Year and we will be returning to our normal service tomorrow with our normal articles.

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It has been a year of ups and downs for InternetGumshoe and for the webOS and Apple fans.

The Tech industry changed a lot in 2011. We have seen several technology giants fall (including HP and RIM) and Apple grow to the biggest Company in the world. It was also the year that Steve Jobs passed away.

InternetGumshoe grow massively over 2011 as we expanded to cover webOS as well as Apple products as we focused on the best in the Tablet market place.

We have seen webOS go from a brillant product line announcement in the early part of the year, to a lack luster release with poor advertisement to the hardware being pulled weeks after release, and finally webOS going open source at the end of 2011, with no hardware on the cards in 2012.

Apple released some “Speed Bump” products with the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S. Some great products if you did not own an iPad 1 or the iPhone 4, but not enough if you had these already. People wanted the iPhone 5, but as we predicted it was not going to happen in 2011. iOS has gone from strength to strengh, but iCloud has had a rough road with it not quite living up to the “It just works” Apple catchphrase.

Android has seen massive fragmentation over 2011, but finally showed signs of getting on track with Ice Cream Sandwich, but it looks like 2012 will have to be the year that things may get ironed out.

So what does 2012 hold for InternetGumshoe and the Tech world, well we will cover that in tomorrows article. 

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