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REAL GOLF 2011 [MAC] – REVIEW (83%)

Real Golf 2011 is a sports game released by Gameloft.

After the strange turn of events with “Let’s Golf! 3”, I was a bit worried what Gameloft would do with Real Golf 2011, but I am happy to report that it remains true to the game.

The game offers lots of options for both single players and multiplayer.

Single player modes include:

  • Instant Play – A random game
  • Career – Work your way up to number 1 in the world.
  • Challenge – various challenges, like win the match from the 16th hole etc.
  • Free Mode – Select from dozens of options for game set up and course.

Multiplayer offers local or online play.

The real players are limited to only nine players (both male and female), this is probably due to the cost of licensing.

Gameplay wise, the game plays just like you would expect. Select your club, aim and then tap for power and then accuracy. You can also add some spin after the ball is hit.

The graphics are generally very good with nicely captured courses and real players, however, some of the modeling does leave some of the players looking ill.

On the upside:

  • Solid Golf game.
  • Lots of course to play.
  • Lots of real players and courses.

On the downside:

  • Career world map and email system is a little confusing.
  • Sometimes a “random hole” mode is selected, so you do not get to play the whole course.
  • Not easy to undo a major mistake in some modes.

Overall, this is an excellent golf game with a lack of EA’s Tiger Woods PGA tour on the Mac it fills the gap nicely. I think if the career mode was tweaked and made clearer then this could be one of the best golf games on the market.

Rating: 83%

Size: 688 MB

Price (at time of review): £4.99

Link: Real Golf 2011 – Gameloft

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Softtick Solitaire HD is a Klondike Solitaire game released by Softtick Ltd.

It is hard to review a Solitaire game, after all they are all very similar, other than the rules.

SoftTick have made a good digital version of the Klondike version of Solitaire for the Touchpad.

The game offers a help via HTML style rules and scoring information. 

There are several options and preferences available to change the look of the cards, background and scoring etc. These are useful, but a little limited, with only two backgrounds for example.

The game is controlled by dragging or tapping on the cards you wish to move or use.

The graphics of the cards are good, but there is no sound to speak of.

On the upside:

  • Fun gameplay
  • Simple and clean design.

On the downside:

  • Limited to only Klondike rules.
  • I find Solitaire too moreish.

Overall, this is a very good digital version of Solitaire, it is the best I have tried on the Touchpad to date, but is not as good as some I have played on other devices. With a few tweaks it could be one of the best. If you are looking for a Klondike solitaire game on the Touchpad, this is a definite download.

Version: 3.0.4

Rating: 79%

Size: 6.3 MB

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: Softtick Solitaire HD – Softtick Ltd

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LET’S GOLF! 3 [IOS] – REVIEW (70%)

Let’s Golf! 3 is a freemium sports game released by Gameloft.

Let’s Golf! returns to iOS with all the things that you know and love, but with a new addition. Freemium…

You will get to build your avatar and take them around several interesting and exciting golf course and play multiplayer locally or online with players around the world. There are several game modes to play and enjoy. Well at least you would be able to do all of this apart from one minor flaw…

This is a freemium title and it has to be said one of the worst designed one I has seen in a while, the problem is that you have energy which games down every time you play a hole (win or loss) and when the energy runs out you cannot play another hole until you get the energy back. Energy is regained by one point per hour or by paying for it.

In-App purchase examples:

  • 20 in-game cash = £0.69
  • 400 in-game coins = £0.69
  • Special golf club = 10,000 coins (on average 100 coins per well played hole)
  • 10 points of energy = 10 in-game cash

So with £0.69 you can play 20 holes (around one round of golf if you able to get par or better on every hole), the round of golf takes about 45 minutes.

Gameplay wise, the game plays just like you would expect. Select your club, aim and then tap for power and then accuracy.

The graphics are generally very good with the same style of the previous Let’s Golf! games, just updated.

On the upside:

  • Solid Golf game.
  • Lots of extras and course to unlock.

On the downside:

  • Very poor Freemium design with energy per hole played.
  • Slow loading
  • A little jumpy at times. Especially on low memory.

Overall, if this game cost me £4.99 and had no in-app purchases I would have been a lot happier, as the game itself is solidly designed and plays well. However, Gameloft have just made some poor decisions on the way the Freemium is implimented. Even if you purchase cash for £0.69 you will not be able to play for an hour. Gameloft really need to either redesign the pricing (like 100 cash for £0.69) or release a full priced version of the game.

Rating: 70%

Size: 712 MB

Price (at time of review): Freemium (with in-app purchases)

Link: Let’s Golf! 3 – Gameloft

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Waterslide 2 is a fun dodge and collection game released by Fishlabs.

Torpedo your way through a gigantic, city-wide waterslide, skimming around hairpin corners and rocketing down the massive drops at toe-curling speed in this follow up to Waterslide Extreme.

The basic ideas of the game are very similar to the original. This time you have three characters to select from, a man, a women and a penguin. Once you start a level you need to collect all the pearls you can (if you can collect all the ones in a batch you can start to build a multiplier) and avoid the aquatic adversaries as you race toward the finish line.

At the end of the slide you will be awarded stars for the number of points you have earned. Do not get enough and you fail the level and will not unlock the next. Some of the awards are tough to earn, with even getting 110/125 pearls on one level I still only got 1 star (not enough multipliers I guest). There is also no clear guidelines on what is need to get a star for the level.

The game has thirty levels to play, I managed to complete over twenty of these in less than two hours. So for hard core games may find longevity an issue.

The gameplay is generally fun with you dodging around collecting pearls and trying to avoid underwater enemies. Just make sure you don’t go off the side of the waterslide (you can continue playing, but you lose a fair few points.)

There are powers to pick up along the way to help you collect pearls and to get rid of the enemies that block your path. The power ups are one shot and do not last long.

The game is controlled by tilting the device to move left and right. A power-up button will appear when one becomes active. 

The graphics are good with some good character models and the slide moving rapidly and smoothly. The sound is also good.

On the upside:

  • Fast and fun gameplay.
  • Quite addictive.
  • Great follow up to a very solid original game.
  • Power ups are very useful if you can get them.

On the downside:

  • Longevity may be an issue.
  • Some levels need balancing, some are very easy, some super hard, difficulty levels are not on a curve.
  • Sometimes you feel like you travelled correctly through a power up and it does not activate.
  • No clear guidelines on what is need to get a star for the level.

Overall, I found this a fun game to play and will be great for the more casual gamer. The game has some annoying moments when you hit one of the harder levels, but with skill or luck you with be able to get through them. I think with a few tweaks and a bit of balancing on some of the levels and this game could become a must have title for casual gamers. I also hope that more levels are added soon as I am running out.

Rating: 84%

Size: 20 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.69

Link: Waterslide 2 – FISHLABS



TEKKEN BOWL is a 10 pin bowling game released by NamcoBandai Games Inc.

This game is an arcade simulation of a ten pin bowling game with some of the popular Tekken characters and the bowlers and with some of the famous backgrounds as the settings.  

The game offers three modes of gameplay:

  • Single Player – A standard ten point bowling game, played for points.
  • Multi Players – This is done as a pass-to-play the device to play (otherwise same as the single player)
  • Challenge Mode – You are given pins to knock down, but these are more like physic puzzles. (30 in all)

The game only has three Tekken characters to select from Jun [average in power and spin], Xiaoyu [low power, best spin] and Panda [max power, low spin).

Gameplay wise, the standard bowling game is solid, with you having to place the bowler, then tap the “spin” of the ball (reaction test to click when a line is in the middle of a bar) and then power of the bowl (same type of reaction test again). The skill challenges are a little different with a graphical represatation of power and spin, so is to make it easier to get the correct speed and spin to solve the challenge.

The graphics are generally very good with all your normal Tekkan graphics and sound making fans of the series happy. There are a few graphically hiccups, but these do not effect the gameplay.

On the upside:

  • Solid Bowling game.
  • The Challenges are fun to solve.

On the downside:

  • Longevity of the bowling game is lacking, with nothing but standard bowling.
  • Makes you want a Tekken fighting game on iOS even more.

Overall, this is a good bowling game, but after a few goes I found that I was only playing the challenge mode. The addition of more characters or at least a power up or something in the bowling game could have added so much more to the game. The game is free, so is worth a download, especially if you are a fan of bowling, or a physics puzzle solving fan. 

Rating: 78%

Size: 548 MB

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: TEKKEN BOWL – NamcoBandai Games Inc.

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