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Eternal Legacy is a Japanese inspired RPG released by Gameloft.

This game puts you in control of Astrian a hero who is part of a rebel group who wish to steal a crystal. Everything goes quickly wrong and your hero is off trying to find out what is happening and meeting a lot of interesting characters along the way.

Exploring the world is good with a full 3D world to walk around. You are often guided by an arrow saying where you need to go next. The areas are sometimes small and you will see a loading screen about every five to ten minutes, as you “teleport” between areas.

As for combat, this is done in a turn based (time controlled) method. Select your attack or action, and as your bar fills to maximum the action is performed. You can queue three actions in a row, however, this should be avoided most of the time, as it appears you cannot remove an action once queued, so if a potion is needed, you may have to wait some time to us it if three actions are queued in front.

The game has gone for a save points for saving your progress. These generally appear to be several minutes or less apart, so this will mean some times having to play up to half an hour before being able to save.

The graphics and sound are both very good with the graphics being very similar in style to the newer final fantasy games. There is voice acting on a lot of the conversions.

The Mac version has very little different for the iPad version. The graphics feel tweaked, but generally not improved making them look not so sharp on high res displays. The biggest issue with the Mac version are the controls for moving around the world which does distract slightly for the game. Loading times are much improved over the iOS versions.

The controls for the game are doing using the keyboard and / or the mouse (although most of the controls can be done with the mouse, it can be slow for selecting attacks etc.) The cursor keys are great during battle as they allow very quickly select options. World movement is down best on the keyboard, not the mouse.

On the upside:

  • A large and beautiful world to explore
  • Dozens of hours of game play
  • A good RPG for people new to the Genre.

On the downside:

  • Auto levelling may not appeal to more hard-core RPG players.
  • If you decide not have control all the secondary characters, they sometimes make strange decisions.
  • The Mac controls are an issue in world movement, the mouse movement once selected is hard to undo.
  • No keyboard control list within the application (needed to guess them.)
  • Does not display clearly when you are out of mana, no on-screen prompt.

Overall, despite the dumbed down RPG aspects I really enjoyed this game. To be honest, I am more of a fan of this than the final fantasy game that it seems to mimic. If you are a hard-core RPG player, then the lack of control of over levelling and secondary characters may not appeal, but the more casual RPG player should enjoy this greatly. The Mac version is a very good conversion of the iOS version, if you do not have the iOS version and like RPG games, then this is a must have. 

Rating: 87%

Size: 740 MB

Price (at time of review): £4.99

Link: Eternal Legacy – Gameloft

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Pocket RPG is a twin sticker adventure released by Crescent Moon Games.

Straight off the bat I have to say that this a very basic RPG, if you are looking for Dungeons and Dragons or Warcraft, then this is not what you are going to get.

There is advancement in the game, but at an end of a dungeon this advancement is all rolled back and you are given points and money instead to buy skills and equipment. So when you start the next area you are a skilled level 0 again. Ah you think, that is to allow me to swap characters and have skills and cash I earnt with another character, however, if you decide to change characters any of the points and money are unavailable on the different character, only experience already earnt on that character in the past.

The idea of the game is that you select between one of three characters and enter a world that has been overrun by hordes of monsters.

  • The Blade Master: A duel wielding melee specialist.
  • The Dark Ranger: A deadly archer.
  • The Battle Mage: A powerful, but fragile spell caster.

Depending on the selection of the character the game requires different tactics. Up close and personal with the blade master and more ranged combat with the mage and ranger.

The basics of the game as to fight your way through an area this take about 15-30 minutes each time, you will go up levels as you travel through. On the way you will encounter traps, hordes of monsters and of course boss battles. Some of the areas do feel like waves of attacks with doorways and gates blocked until the wave of monsters are killed.

The game is controlled by the standard twin joysticks for movement and combat. There are some on screen buttons to account the options and change the items you have equiped.

The graphics and sound are both excellent. The artwork is well drawn with some nice character artwork.

On the upside:

  • Fun gameplay.
  • Lots of Armour and Weapons to earn and buy. 

On the downside:

  • Repetitive gameplay, not additional side quests or real real “role play”.
  • Archer and Mage will spend a lot of time running in circles around enemies firing into the group.
  • Very much an arcade feel, with bonus power ups (like 2x damage)

Overall, I found this an enjoyable twin stick adventure. It is not really the RPG that the title suggests, but as long as you are ready for that the game does not disappoint. There is lot to do and explore, this game will keep you playing for some time.

Rating: 86%

Size: 90.7 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.99

Link: Pocket RPG – Crescent Moon Games


D.A.R.K. [IPHONE] – REVIEW (72%)

D.A.R.K is a twin stick role playing game released by Chillingo Ltd.

You are part of an elite D.A.R.K. squadron who have been sent to investigate why contact has been lost with the USS Storm Bringer.

The story is dark and gitty with the feel of Warhammer 40K / Space Hulk games of the past.

The gameplay is slow and plodding moving around the ship at a snails pace. The game uses the method of opening a small area of the map with an exit that need to be opened via a switch or killing a wave or two of monsters that will appear movments after entering.

The game is controlled by a virtual joystick and weapon aiming stick. There are some buttons for dodging and weapon swapping. The weapon stick is switched off when out of combat.

The sound and graphics are generally good during gameplay, some of the cut scenes are a bit low res.

On the upside:

  • Lots to see and do.
  • Some nice set plays.

On the downside:

  • The odd bug stopping waves working properly
  • Very slow pacing at times, with you character plodding through empty corridors.
  • RPG side is very limited with less upgrades and weapons than many other games.

Overall, this games claims to be a Sci-Fi RPG game, but the RPG side is far more limited than the twin stick shooter. This game could have been great, but due to the slow pacing and odd bug just makes it fall short. I wanted to enjoy this game, and at times I did, but not often enough. This game may please several people who love games with Space Marines, but for general players the slow pacing will but them off.

Rating: 72%

Size: 102 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.59

Link: D.A.R.K – Chillingo Ltd



Avadon: The Black Fortress HD is a turn based R.P.G. and is released by Spiderweb Software.

The game puts you in control of a character who has been called to The Black Fortress to help your people protect their homelands.

You create your character from one of four character classes and name the character, but apart from this you have no control over the character that is created. It is when you go up levels you are able to customise and make the character your own.

You can adventure with other and explore dungeon and complete quests. Outside of combat the game is free flowing with you tapping on an area of the screen you wish the character to move to and they go there. Once in combat, the same view is used, but things become turn based with all characters having action points, and being able to move, attack, use items etc.

There is cetainly plenty to see and do in this game, with dozens of items and monsters to find and encounter. 

The game claims that as you make decisions in the game it will effect the final ending of the game.

The game is controlled by tapping on the screen to move around, and you can drag to see the area around you. In combat you tap of the square you wish to move to, or the square that contains the attacking creature. There are several menu keys at the bottom of the screen to select weapons and abilities from.

The graphics and sound are good. The title track I had to turn down as it was a little too loud. The graphics are general well done, especially the still pictures, but the in game graphics are a little on the small side.

On the upside:

  • Excellent turn based strategy game
  • Good overall story line.
  • Lots of do, this will keep you going for a while.

On the downside:

  • User interface is a little picky at times do to the small size. You may move by mistake or mistapped an option.
  • It would be nice to pitch zoom in a little, especially in combat.
  • A few minor bugs, like I selected a person to follow me down a dungeon, the game locked, so I restarted and I was down in the dungeon alone without any help.
  • No back buttons on leveling, I accidently clicked on a skill twice and could not undo.

Overall, I enjoyed this game. It is a much more “texty” R.P.G. than many, as it wants you to get an idea of storyline and history, rather than just point and punch. It is clear from the design and user interface this game would be more at home on the Mac, however, I thank the developers for bringing it to the iPad platform, and hope that they will be able to improve the UI in later updates. If you are a fan of R.P.G. games (especially turn based ones) you need to add this one to your collection.

Rating: 83%

Size: 106 MB

Price (at time of review): £5.99

Link: Avadon: The Black Fortress HD – Spiderweb Software

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Order & Chaos Online is an online multiplayer role playing game and is released by Gameloft.

** This is a subscription product, so after 3 months, additional in-app purchases must be made and an online gameloft account is needed **

The online side of things works well and I have had no issues with connection or lag at the moment. The servers are European, so I did notice the lack of English in the in-game communication boxes as player’s spoke.

The basics of the game, are there you character a starting character, and by completing quests and killing creatures you will advance in level. You can buy new items and spells as you advance through the game and gain levels. You can also obtain items that are dropped by dead creatures.

The game is controlled by a virtual joystick and some action buttons that will appear as needed. The interface is general good, but needs a little work, as you will be tapping to loot a creature and then a menu will pop up as it believes you want to activate it.

The graphics and sound are excellent. The landscape will sometimes morph as you run (depending on your device) as the ground lifts or falls. You can add your own soundtrack will playing.

Due to the similarity between this game and World of Warcraft (WOW) they will be compared, but it is a little unfair. WOW has had years to evolve and to iron out several of its issues, Order & Chaos has tried to learn from these, and other such games and he successed on many levels.

It is good that multiple start points have been created depending on the race you select, this gives the game additional longevity.

On the upside:

  • Well designed RPG
  • Lots to see and do
  • Universal App

On the downside:

  • Some minor bugs.
  • User interface needs some work, as some things can be triggered by accident.
  • Lots of in-app purchases that can improve the characters, which could unbalance.
  • Need to find trainers to purchase spells and skills, you need to work out where these are to progress.

Overall, I am a fan of World of Warcraft, and this really does feel very similar. At present there is lots of things to see and do, with characters to advance and skills to unlock and try. I think that Gameloft will have to make sure the game is expanded regularly to make sure the subscription is worthwhile. Overall, this is the best MMORPG on the iPhone/iPad to date, and if you are a fan of these you will feel right at home here.

Rating: 88%

Size: 589 MB

Price (at time of review): £3.99 (3 months subscription free then £0.59 a month (discounted if purchased in 3 or 6 months)

Link: Order & Chaos© Online – Gameloft