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With our first Homebrew review coming this weekend, here is a video by the great guys at webOSroundup covering the basics.

For more information on Homebrew and how it is done, you should check out the following sites that have great Homebrew support.

  • webOSroundup – Who have an excellent Homebrew section, and they did this video.
  • webOSnation (previously – Another great homebrew source of information.

UPDATED: 18th Feb 2012

Below are some points on the video raised by one of our loyal readers,hopefully you will find them useful:
  • WebOS Quick Install is installed on your PC, not the TouchPad (that’s not totally clear on the video).
  • There’s an easier string to use to put the TouchPad into Developer Mode the first time: webos20090606
  • After putting your TouchPad into Developer Mode and connecting it to your PC, do not put the TouchPad into USB mode–when prompted, tap ‘Cancel’ (if you’re installing to a phone, tap ‘Just Charge’).
  • Instead of installing the “Launcher Tabs” webOS patch, consider installing the SubOrbital homebrew app. It allows you to add more than two additional tabs, name new tabs whatever you want, and change the order of tabs.
  • For another excellent homebrew reference (including a step-by-step guide to the whole procedure for installing Preware), consider buying the Preware Homebrew Documentation app on the App Store – it’s worth every penny, and all proceeds go to support webOS Internals, the premier homebrew development collective. It also covers installing Preware on phones. While you’re at it, consider spending another £0.79 to buy the WOSQI Homebrew Guide (by the dev of WebOS Quick Install).


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The only constant in the universe is change.

We are always looking to improve InternetGumshoe to keep our readers happy, so with that in mind we are looking to make some more changes in the coming weeks.

To start with Re-Reviews will be making a return every Saturday unless there is a big new software release. In these we hope to cover applications that have really been improved by updates from the original reviews. So if you are a developer or reader who feels that the software has improved since the review let us know. We have three Touchpad titles we know have improved since the original reviews, we may even give full reviews to some of the items we covered in the free app round up that were good enough to get a proper review.

Next, we are looking into doing webOS Homebrew reviews. We have installed PreWare onto the Touchpad and all ready to do the reviews. Later this week we will link off to some of the excellent articles and videos that cover how to get up and running with the Homebrew side of things. We will make sure that you are aware that we are reviewing the Homebrew version of software. Homebrew is not for everyone, and you will need a PC/Mac to get started. We will try and make sure we only review good quality and stable software when we do review. Please do not expect support or anything from us, if you are not sure do not go the Homebrew route. We plan to run the Homebrew reviews on Sundays, but this may expand if popular.

Please let us know what you think about the changes, your feedback is always welcome. There is a contact us link if the navigation section for you to do this.

Many Thank,


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Several of you have been contacting me over the last few weeks asking how the site is doing?

Well first, let me say, sorry for not keeping you guys up to date, January was a rough month for me and my family, but that is not a reason for keeping you up to date. I am a little behind with the emails and updating the review database, but they should be done by the end of the week.

Firstly, as you will have noticed InternetGumshoe is very much alive and still kicking. We have had over a dozen donation from our loyal readers, some have been small and others have been quite generous. At the moment, we have enough money in the pot to keep the website running until April, this includes paying for several applications for review (where the developer has not been willing to give review code or promo codes.)

At the moment, I am making sure there is one webOS article each and every day. You have probably noticed we cover one paid app and then a Free App Round up the next. Where possible I am writing articles on iOS or free music, but for now at least my main focus is getting the webOS reviews out there.

People have been asking why I am reviewing lots of kids apps and now many games. The answer to that one is simple, those are the applications that are being released. The list of games has not increased greatly over the last few weeks.

I am so grateful for your support, and that sixty percent of our readers are regulares and keep coming back to us as their source of webOS reviews.

As to the future, with your on going support we will continue to support webOS. I am hopeful that open webOS will breath new life the operating system and maybe we will see some new hardware to run it on. You can be sure as long as developers keep making new software for webOS, we will be there to review it.

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I am now out of hospital, I am going to take things slow for a few days, but I will do a Touchpad article every day, including a Free App Round Up later today.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the messages of support and help.

You guys really are the greatest.

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Hi Guys,

Sorry that we have not posted any articles today . It is because I am currently stuck in hospital and limited to using edge connection speeds without paying £15 ($20+) for the privilege.

We have not gone away.

Due to some good donations from our readers and some developers we are still very much in business.

Unfortunately, the last month or so have taken a toll of my health, but I plan to get back to posting new articles when I am out of hospital.

Keep subscribed and I hope to see you again soon

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