29 May

Quick-Keys Keyboard is a text expander / entry tool released by D Gardner.

“Quick-Keys Keyboard interacts with virtually every app on your WebOS device. You can type one word and send it to any text field on your device. Or With one simple tap of a Quick-Key, You have Quick-Keys that stores anything like a Password, Login, Email, sentence, phone number, or an Address.”

This application allows you to create quick keys and other text expansion on your webOS device.

As a quick warning, the developer does make it clear that the Touchpad does lack functionality that the phone users get, and has issues in the browser application.

The application works by addition a keyboard to your device. There is a standard keyboard and then a quick keyboard with numbers from 1 to 28.

On the Touchpad the standard keyboard is a bit too small for effective typing, but the quick keys are reasonable, as you will be only tapping a single key.

When you first open the application you will set up the preferences for its use and you can edit any of the quick keys, for example, if I tap 1, I have a sizable amount of text appear, if I tap 2, as password could be entered.

When I first came to use the application the keyboard would not appear at all, I would tap on the notification keyboard icon and only the application with its preferences would appear. I rebooted the Touchpad in the end and when I reopened the application after the reboot, and re-enabled the keyboard it worked fine.

After trying to type with the small keyboard offered, I found swipe to type just too small to use effectly, even when changing the response times. I just needed a bigger keyboard.

The quick keys option did work well, and helpfully it does include the user of carriage returns, so you can have limited control over the formatting on the quick text. Allowing for entry of addresses etc.

The user interface is small and cramped. It is a real shame that the Touchpad keyboard could not be replaced or the Keyboard could not make a little more use of the Touchpad screen size, however, these are likely to be limitations due to webOS.

On the upside:

  • Quick Keyboard entry is useful.
  • Lots of preferences and options.

On the downside:.

  • I found it difficult to get it to launch for the first time, it would always return to options screen.
  • Keyboard is too small to type effectively.
  • Not very user friendly at times.

Overall, the idea behind the application is good, and seems to work better on the Phone than the Touchpad as it is not able to replace the Touchpad keyboard. For me, only the quick key text entry was useful. The small keyboard you can bring up is too small to use effectly. At present, it is worth a look for webOS phone owners, but for Touchpad owners it is not as worthwhile.

Rating: 63%

Size: 8.9 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79 ($0.99)

Link: Quick-Keys Keyboard – D Gardner

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