28 May

UberRadio makes your Touchpad into a radio alarm clock and is released by MetaViewSoft.

“Now Pre3 and TouchPad (HD) enhanced and extra alarm settings for each weekday. A full-featured internet streaming radio with sleep, snooze & alarm clock! Never oversleep with offline fallback and safe alarm mode. UberRadio – the next generation web radio application.”

When this application first opens it immediately offers you a list of default radio types to select from. These are:

  • German Stations
  • US Classic Stations
  • UK Rock Stations
  • US Country Stations
  • UK Stations

Once select you will get around twenty stations in your channel list. You can view the list and modify if there are some channels you like or dislike. If you know the website addresses of your favorite channels they can be added.

The application has several preferences and allows you to set up extras to the alarm if you are oversleeping and a default song if the internet connection is unavailable to launch the radio channel.

You can use UberRadio as an internet radio player, and you can set a sleep timer if you are listening before bed.

The internet radio side of things works well, but it did suffer from the occasional halting of the feed, this seemed odd as I have a good internet connection and when tested on another device the same stream held.

The user interface is generally good, it can be slow to find a channel if you set up too many, but you can sort into ones you use more. I could easily set the alarms, but you can only seem to clear alarms in one go from the preference screen.

On the upside:

  • Easy to set up with default radio channels.
  • Can modify channels if you know the web links to enter.

On the downside:

  • The streams seem to stop every so often, I have not had this issue with other applications.
  • The only clock on screen once the alarms are set is the standard toolbar clock.
  • Not available in Exhibition mode?
  • No quick way to get out of the station list, need to scroll to the end and press OK.

Overall, this is a good application. It allows you to quickly set up the radio channels and alarms. It does most of the functions of an alarm clock, apart from a sizable clock. With some tweaks this could be a great radio alarm for the Touchpad.

Rating: 71%

Size: 3.2 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.19 ($1.49)

Link: UberRadio – MetaViewSoft

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