26 May

Slideshow Presentation HD is a digital photo frame tool and is released by Apps by Chris.

“Create stunning and custom slideshows and photo projects that you can set to music. Turns your TouchPad into a beautiful digital photo frame!”

This application opens to an information screen that tells you a bit about the application and how it works, along with telling you not to switch off while the application is saving.

The main menu once opened is well layout out and immediately allows you to jump into designing your first slideshow.

You can add any photo from your Touchpad into the slideshow, by either folder or selecting them manually out of the picture selection screen.

The application offers you lots of customisation on how the images will be displayed and added to the slide show. You can really customise everything from the order they are displayed, adding Captions, Transitions and display durations.

You also have the option at add music tracks to the Slideshow, or you can leave it with no music if you wish.

You can even create and store more than one slideshow, so you can create as many as you wish and swap between them to suit your mood.

The user interface is generally good, some of the options are simple to find to use, others you will need to guess at or hunt for, however, the developer has added a useful help section.

On the upside:

  • Really nice slideshows can be made.
  • Plenty of options and settings to get the exact photos and display settings you want.
  • Simple to add your facebook galleries into the slideshows.

On the downside:

  • The odd user interface issue with menu items (oversized text on buttons or thumb nails not displaying.)

Overall, the key features of the application as easy to set up and use. The developer has clearly taken time to consider all the possible options someone would want from a digital photo frame. My parents own a digital photo frame, and this application really puts that devices options in the shade. If you love viewing photos, then this applications is well worth a look.

Rating: 80%

Size: 9.4 MB

Price (at time of review): £2.99 ( claims $1.29 in U.S.?)

Link: Slideshow Presentation HD – Apps by Chris


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