22 May

Another two application get the round up treatment.

WebOS World Services : 60%

This application is more of an advertisement for the Villo website and the services that Villo offers for webOS. The app only offers four buttons on lauch. A device upgrade service, which is US only, a chat demo, a overview of Villo services and an about page. Only the chat demo is active, but you will need someone to chat with. I am sure people who use the Villo service may be interested in this application and what it may offer in the future, however, not much here that is not more easily accessed on the villo website.

Italian Fiscal Codes – Codici Fiscali : 55%

This truly is a niche application. It allows you to enter the name, date of birth and region of a person allows you to calculate their  Italian Fiscal Code (Social Security Number). I am really not sure who would want to do this as the person should already have their own Social Security Number available. The app itself is simple to use and well laid out, so if you are an Italian who has lost their social security number and trust the app to calculate it, then give this one a go.

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