21 May

Image Worker Pro is a photo editing tool released by MetaViewSoft.

“Enhance your photos and share them with your friends. ImageWorker is a 100% local image processing app on WebOS. It doesn’t depend on data connection coverage, it’s fast and saves you bandwidth and therefore money.”

This application allows you to select a photo from your Touchpads storage and then edit it and save out the results.

The main features the applications offers are to change the colours, the size, turn the image and enhancement the levels of the image.

Depending on the feature selected the application can work well. For example, if you just want to change the image from a standard image to sepia blue, then the application works fine and quickly.

However, as soon as you ask the application to do something more advanced like resize or change the levels the application becomes very slow indeed. You find yourself tapping on features and waiting, then tapping again as after 10 seconds nothing has happen.

The features that are present are fairly limited with only four resizing options and only a dozen colouring options.

Unfair as it is, you have to compare this application with the options on the iPad as they are doing the same job, and this is not match for even the most basic versions due to the lag of the application.

The user interface is basic, and not all parts of the user interface work as expected.

On the upside:

  • A useful tool for editing photos/images on the Touchpad.

On the downside:

  • Limited functionality.
  • Too laggy when changing between functions.
  • Poor user experience.

Overall, I was disappointed by this application. I have used lots of photo editing tools on iOS, and this application although useful just does not match the experience. I would find myself stuck on a function unable to leave it and just waiting for the Touchpad to catch up. Basically, if you are desperate to edit and image on the Touchpad and willing to wait you may find a use for this app.

Rating: 55%

Size: 3.5 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.59 ($1.99)

Link: Image Worker Pro – MetaViewSoft

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