16 May

TapWatch is a stop watch application and is released by One Crayon.

“TapWatch is a simple and beautiful stopwatch for webOS that makes timing a joy. Tap anywhere to start and stop, or double tap while a timer is running to start a new lap. Swipe to the left to view your 50 most recent times.”

This is a very simple application with one usage, a stop watch for webOS.

Immediately on opening you see the quality look and feel of the application. With a nice large clock in the top middle of the screen and instructions appearing on how to use the application.

You tap the screen to start the stop watch, and then tap again to stop it. You swipe left for recent times you have recorded. Then you can double tap to start a new lap time.

All of this works in the same way as a stop watch with the added benefit of the recent time recordings, so this is great. Especially with the lack of a stop watch option on the Touchpad.

The biggest flaw in the application for me is the lap timing. It is reliant on you making the double tap and the Touchpad accepting it. If the double time is too slow or even fast, the laptime may not trigger, sometimes pausing the main timer or not activating. If you are trying to time a full race this could be a complete fail if you lose the correct race time as the main timer is paused.

The user interface is simple and nice to look at.

On the upside:

  • Beautiful interface.
  • Recent time reporting can be very useful.

On the downside:

  • Double tapping for a laptime is not great. A virtual button would have been much more accurate.

Overall, this is a nice application, it is simple and beautifully designed. It is a useful addition to the Touchpad as it is a function that is missing. However, for me, fails on one of the two simple actions its needs to be good at. True, it may be my ability to double tap that is not great, and the issue only happen a few times on dozens of test, but if timing is vital (in a Stop Watch app) then it is still a flaw.

Rating: 67%

Size: 2.4 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.80 ($1.00)

Link: TapWatch – OneCrayon

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