14 May

Another two application get the round up treatment.

Peg Puzzle: abc 123 Trial : 70%

We have reviewed the full version of this Peg Puzzles games before, however, this is a trial version for people who are not sure about the apps to try. This is one of the better trials I have used, as it gives a solid idea of what the application does and still have enough of a game here for the kids to enjoy. It is limited to lowercase a to l in the letters and 1-8 in numbers. It is well worth a download if you have kids to see how they get on with it, just be ready to buy the full application shortly after.

How Do You Do This In SAS? : 45%

This is not so much a trial or free application, but an advertisement for a series of e-books. The application itself contains only three pages. An introduction page, an about the Author page and an example code page. The application itself is well laid out, easy to read and easy to navigate. However, all you really get is an email link to the app developers and links to the e-books. There is no free content here for those interested in SAS.

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