12 May

Live Streams is an online streaming service released by Flash Media.

“This app streams live tv shows, movies from third party websites like 36 channels are available more will come on the next updates. Some channels may go offline then come back on.”

To be honest we had no intention of reviewing this application, but due to receiving several requests I reviewed to see if my readers would be wasting their money or not.

The application loads to a screen filled with dozens of video channels to select from. Each channel is shown by a a name and a preview image that may or may not hint to what you may be able to watch.

When you click on one of these channels a screen will appear in the centre of the application, maybe 600 x 600 pixels with no option to full screen.

This screen will then try to stream the video you have selected. I say try, as results can vary greatly. Here are my first five experiences:

  1. Screen opened to a message in russian. (probably to say the video was unavailable)
  2. A message says 
  3. A large shadow net image that stayed on the screen and the video stream never started.
  4. Star Wars III appeared for three minutes with echoing audio, I refreshed and the video feed was lost.
  5. A two minute advert followed by a War Film I did not know, with a YouTube style advert over the bottom 20% of the same view screen.

After several tries I found that around 10 channels worked during my test, and the ones that did varied in quality and streaming speeds (smooth verses jumpy).

There are some films that do work and has reasonable quality, I even managed to full screen a few of the tested videos. So it is possible to watch a video stream.

From the messages that appear in the viewing windows like “Download Veetle TV to watch this channel” it soon become clear the sources of the streams. I went to Veetle website and found the web based streaming was easier and not down.

The user interface is OK for selecting a channel, but once the video window opens the viewing is controlled by the website you are streaming from, so options like full screen are often not shown, and even if you can click it, it will fail to launch or break the video stream.

On the upside:

  • You may find something that works for more than 5 minutes and is watchable.

On the downside:.

  • Lack of active content.
  • Playback quality leaves a lot be desired.
  • You have no idea what you will be watching and where it will be in the stream.

Overall, this is a disappointing application to use, with videos not opening, the wrong audio, adverts and off air stream. If you are already a user of you will have access to most of these channels. To be honest I am sad I had to pay a $1 (£0.79) for the application, as during my testing I did not feel I got the moneys worth. You may find something to watch online for free, but be ready for a lot of disappointment along the way.  

Rating: 35%

Size: 2.8 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: Live Streams – Flash Media


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