10 May

BooKoo’s is an application multipack and is released by CMCS.

“BooKoo’s is an application launcher that has 32 apps with-in. All of them in a neat desktop application. All said, it would cost you about $30 to buy them all one by one. awesome deal for all you get in this app.”

This application gives you access to dozens of applications and widgets to access all from within a single application. This is a similar idea to Glimpse, but offers games rather than productivity widgets.

BooKoo has a desktop view that has all the applications listed and you can add the widgets to this desktop view. There are a limited number of widgets (Weather, Radar and Web Search), the rest of the applications open in full screen and removes access to the desktop view.

There are around 30 application on offers that are very similar if not the same as the full priced applications on offer from CMCS in the HP App Catalog.

After testing the applications there are some gems in here that I would have been happy to pay 79p for, however, there are some really basic and below average games as well.

Every time you open a new application you are presented with a new user interface, as these are just applications thrown together into one applications. So in one application the “return to desktop” button will be a large button on the right, on another it will be a small tap area almost hidden in a list to the left.

Some of the applications I tried, like puzzler do not seem to work at all?

To be honest, if you are willing to take the time with each application you should find something that you will like. However, the user experience is so disjointed it is not a great application to navigate through.

The user interface is a real mixed bag and I would like to have some control over the look of the desktop.

On the upside:

  • Lots of application for one prices.
  • There are some good applications on offer here.

On the downside:

  • Some application do not have a button to return to the main menu.
  • User interface has no consistency (as built for several different applications).
  • There are some flawed apps too.
  • Can be laggy, like when returning to the desktop and when activating location services.

Overall, this is a good application in the fact you can get some good applications for one price. If you already own CMCS application you may be upset you could have get it cheaper here. For me, it is probably worth the current asking price. I would really have liked the application desktop and usage to be more consistant and easier to use, rather than everything feelings so thrown together.

Rating: 75%

Size: 95.6 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.59

Link: BooKoo’s – CMCS

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