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Picross is a box filling puzzle game released by penduinbits.

“Picross is a game in which solving a puzzle creates a picture. Use the clues at the top and side to determine which blocks to fill in! This game includes 384 original 8×8 Picross puzzles, and a builder with which you can create your own puzzles.”

The ideas of this game is to simply play and complete the puzzles that are on offer.

Gameplay wise, you are given an 8 by 8 blank grid with numbers around the top and left of the grid. From these numbers you need to guess which blocks to fill in, if a 0 or 8 is shown on a line it is clear that you either need to leave it blank (0) or fill in it (8). It will take a little time to get use to how the other numbers work (like a 2 2 will be four blocks on the line with a 2 two blocks), but you should hopefully work it all out. If you get all the blocks in the correct places you will have drawn an image.

When you solve a puzzle you will be shown a smaller version of the grid with the name of the image. Most of the images are fine, but a few leave you feeling “Really, that was meant to be a ….”

As for the longevity of the game, there are 384 8×8 puzzles available to play and you can even create your own puzzles. Therefore, it will take you a long time to even get close to finishing this game.

As far as difficulty went I found some of the easy puzzles hard and the hard puzzles easy, so I think for me as least the difficulty really depends on your luck and judgement.

If you are really having problems with the puzzles, there is an option to switch on “clue match highlighting”, this will not solve the puzzles for you, but highlight green at the edges when you have the right number of blocks on that line, so you can see if a line is missing a block etc.

The creation tool is easy to use and as long as you remember to apply a design to the save grid work fine, but the saving was not as immediately as clear as it could have been.

The game is controlled by tapping the boxes of the grid to change the block between black and grey, to form your final picture.

The graphics are very simple and there is no sound or music.

On the upside:

  • Well designed puzzles.
  • Lots of levels to play through.

On the downside:

  • Repetitive gameplay.
  • Lack of polish (no sound etc)

Overall, this is a good puzzle game. If you enjoy these types of puzzles the application will keep you going for days. I am not a big fan of these games, but I did find myself playing it a fair bit. With a bit more polish this could be a great little application, but as it stands it is solid enough and the effect has been put into the puzzles and that is were it counts. 

Rating: 78%

Size: 5.9 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: Picross – penduinbits

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