06 May

Homebrew Pivot is a PreWare Patch released by GMMan.

Instead of our standard Homebrew review today, we are looking at an optional patch that you can install to the Touchpad.

For users in Europe, Homebrew Pivot allows you to finally get rid of November 2011 (The Sport Issue) of Pivot that has been the first screen you seen when opening the HP App Catalog. In the U.S. the Sport Issue had been replaced by something else, but just as useless.

The idea behind the patch is that the Homebrew community will be able to build its own magazine and have new articles and reviews every month.

At the moment, the patch is pretty basic, but is totally just a proof of concept. It pulls the magazine data from the internet and then installs it on the device.

As far as using this patch, it is simple to install from the Homebrew patch section, you will need to open the HP App Catalog as normal, but will then have to close it again and wait a few minutes before reopening as the pivot pages are replaced behind the scenes.

If you also install the “Tweaks” application you will be able to switch off the Homebrew Pivot and change back to the HP pivot magazine (if you are missing those sports pages)

On the upside:

  • Gets rid of the November 2011 Pivot Mag.
  • The chance of new content in the coming months.

On the downside:

  • Shame it cannot be an offical project. HP should have keep Pivot going themselves.
  • Things are moving a little slowly, but are beginning to come together.
  • Needs people to get involved (I have, have you?)

Overall, I find this an extremely exciting patch. It will allow the homebrew community to have really have a place on all Touchpads and focus on community projects and developers. Depending on the content that is adding in the weeks to come this could be a “must have” patch to install. I have my fingers crossed for this one.

Link: (for more information on the project)

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