03 May

Another two application get the round up treatment.

Peg Puzzle: Shapes Trial : 64%

We have reviewed this Peg Puzzles games before, however, this is a trial version for people who are not sure about the apps to try. The application is set up to show the categories of pegs on offer, but only the fruits are available. This category is open fully and will give you a good idea of what you will get. When I first installed the application crashed several times, but after a reboot of the Touchpad it worked fine. Overall, this is a nice demo and if you are interested in getting the full version it is worth checking out.

Gypsy Heart Tour : 55%

The application covers Milet Cyrus’s Gypsy Heart tour. The application is pretty simple with the tour dates, links to tweets for the artist and the offical tour feed. There are also a nice picture section to look through. There is nothing within the application you could not get from the internet and this is just a basic fan app. The navigation is not great with you having to tap on the top bar to go back pages, something the developer had to point out in the app description rather than coming up with a solution. Fans of Miley Cyrus may be interested in this one.

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