02 May

Dock is an exhibition tool and is released by Inglorious Apps.

“Dock is a stylish screensaver app that dynamically displays a scrolling list of information while your device is idle or docked. For example, you could have it setup to display news from your rss feeds, tweets from your twitter feed, or just a simple clock, while your device is docked.”

Dock allows you to see lots of your rss feeds and social media on screen while the Touchpad is charging.

To be honest my Touchpad is not on the desk when charging, it is off to the side of my desk and out of line of sight, so for me, this is not an application I really would need.

The application offers the following items for display: 

  • Clock
  • Facebook
  • Google Reader
  • RSS
  • Stock
  • Twitter
  • Weather

All this options can be switched on or off from the preferences, as well as the refresh rates for the feeds.

You also have a shuffle mode, this switchs between the items that are switched on, so you could be looking at the clock one moment and then a news feed the next. The shuffle appears to be completely random rather than rotating through the list, so if you have only three items selected you may have the same one appear a few seconds later, or even the same app not going away (maybe it is selected in the shuffle three times in a row?)

Interesting the developer has added a Reload App option, which I have had to use a few times when the application locked on one view for several minutes.

This does feel a lot like the Glimpse application (another of Inglorious Apps products), but set up more for an Exhibition mode and less interaction with the device. With several of the widgets looking and acting in a similar way.

The user interface is well designed and easy to navigate.

On the upside:

  • Good user interface.
  • Lots of preferences for refresh rates and the amount of time an option will be displayed in shuffle.
  • Great use of Exhibition mode 

On the downside:

  • Shuffle mode, sometimes locks into a mode, especially one the clock.
  • The odd glitch, like the weather app would not appear in the list despite being on in the preferences. Switching off and on again got the option to return.
  • Displays a black screen when a feed fails like the weather app, rather than switching away to something else.

Overall, this is a great application if you have your Touchpad docked and can view the screen. It supports most of the data that you may wish to see just glancing up at the screen. At present it is a little glitchy in places, like the shuffle mode sometimes locking on load. This apps does lack a little of the polish of Inglorious Apps other application. Depending on how you dock, this may be a must have app for you.

Rating: 75%

Size: 41.4 MB

Price (at time of review): £1.14

Link: Dock – Inglorious Apps


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