01 May

Another two application get the round up treatment.

Magic Puzzles: Seven Wonders : 70%

This application allows you to select from 14 photos and then put together a jigsaw of the photos. This game is more for adults or older kids as the jigsaw sizes start at 42 pieces and go up to 288 pieces. The photos are really nice images, so make the final image nice to look at. The jigsaw side of the game works well and works as it should. The user interface for navigating the pictures needs a little work, as you need to tap onto them to move the list along. The big issue with the application are the number of advertisements, they are on every page and a pop up before every game. Unlike the previous Magic Puzzle I reviewed the adverts do not slow the game itself, but there still are a lot around the app and again the app also asks for location services to be switched on, I think this is only used to make sure you are served the correct adverts for your area. All this said, it is a very good jigsaw puzzle game.

Ask500 : 65%

Ask500 links into the service which shows user created polls which you can answer and then the results the other users have given. Straight off the bat, the developer shows a message giving the story of the application and the short comings of the API’s that the website offers. The application is simple. In the left hand column you are shown the questions people are asking. Click on one, and the main detail view shows the available answers. Click on an answer and you see the results so far. The syncing can be an issue (slow and locks up the app), which is mentioned in the developer note. Otherwise, a simple and interesting app. 


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