30 Apr

Subterran is a 3D dodge game released by Imperial Penguin.

“Take the controls of a ship specially designed to fly dangerous missions through enemy tunnels in this exciting game. You will start off as an ensign, and if you play well, finish as an admiral. But don’t expect to make that rank on the first try. You’ll have to be the best of the best to achieve that goal.”

This game puts you in control of a spaceship that needs to dodge its way through enemy tunnels.

Gameplay wise, you can maneuver your spaceship around the sides of the tunnel, the tunnels are narrow and your craft is fairly big. If you hit an barrier or wall, it is game over, to you will need to play again.

When I loaded this game, and clicked new game I was given a page of mission briefing. “Operation 1: Feet”, yes, operation feet. I pressed start and immediately crashed and exploded into a barrier. Where the game displayed in big red letters. Game and two large buttons for “Try” and “Menu”.

Needless to say this was not the best of starts I have ever had for a game, and I clicked on try. Luckily this time the barrier right next to the start was slightly more to one side and I got past it, I rotated the Touchpad as another barrier was fast approaching and I slowly turned right into the barrier. Boom, game over.

After a few goes and lots of explosions within seconds of launch I had finally tweaked the controls enough to make it playable.

Gameplay wise, it is limited with very little to do by dodge the oncoming objects, or collecting items in later levels.

Control are done by tilt controls, left and right to rotate around the tunnel.

The graphics and sound are both fair.

On the upside:

  • The developers have a cool name…

On the downside:

  • Controls are pretty poor.
  • Lackluster gamplay.
  • Lack of polish (spelling mistakes, a few seconds to allow you to get orientated at the start of the level)
  • Portrait only.

Overall, this game disappoints on several points. As a reviewer I tried to give it a fair amount of time to practice the controls and try to advance, changing the sensitivity levels etc. However, after all that I still found the game hard to control and unforgiving. The developers need to do several tweaks to get this application to a recommendable level.

Rating: 40%

Size: 15.6 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: Subterran – Imperial Penguin

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