25 Apr

MeOrg! is a springpad client released by Sven Ziegler.

“Do you know those moments where you wish to have your notes and reminders on hand immediately, wherever you are? With MeOrg we offer you the opportunity to gather everything that is important to you neatly arranged and sorted in an incomplex app for your webOS-gadget with instant availability!”

NB: You need to a account in order to use this application.

When you first load up the application you will be asked to link up your account to the application. This is simple and painless, and once done the sync does not take to long at all. 

I have been using Springpad myself for several months now, and I have to say that even though the springpad website works well on the Touchpad, it is not wear near as snappy or easy to navigate at MeOrg. The offical springpad site feels like it has been made to be beautiful, but this app has been built more productivity.

Once, everything is synced, you can start using the application. MeOrg has a nice clear layout and it makes it simple to find existing items and to add new ones.

MeOrg has a two column layout with the left hand side offering the items, and the right side showing the selected items. You can expand the right column to full screen, but often this is not needed to as the right side normally displays the item clearly.

There is a bottom toolbar that has icons for syncing, adding new items and then depending on the item select you can print or share the item.

There is a good search option and filtering works well, so you should be able to find anything you are looking for quickly. I like the way the search limits the list as you type highlighting the words that match.

There are preferences to modify font sizes and font family if you wish to change for the default display.

If you have a URL in a note, you can select from the options if you view it in Advanced Browser if you have it installed.

The user interface is excellent. The application is easy to use and generally displays of the items in a clean and well formatted manner.

On the upside:

  • Excellent User Interface.
  • Very good search options.
  • Nearly fully featured with all of the springpad functions supported (tags, etc)

On the downside:

  • The odd spelling mistake (in help and attachment screen) – easily fixed.
  • When you tap on photos in notes they are displayed, but a little smaller than the original. You can download from the note to view correctly.

Overall, this is an excellent application. I am a big fan of Evernote and Springpad. I am very happy now that both now have great support on the Touchpad now. I feel that MeOrg! gives the best support out of the two. For my Springpad needs, MeOrg! does everything that I need and to be honest better than the official Springpad app on the iPad. If you use Springpad you need this application.

Rating: 87%

Size: 3.6 MB

Price (at time of review): £2.38

Link: MeOrg! – Sven Ziegler


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