23 Apr

TuYa HD is a hand writing / note taking app released by K C U F.

“Your very own hand writing memo. A Quick and dirty note memo taker. Can use for sketching doodle too. Lots of fun too.”

The application opens to a blank cork board, and allows you to set adding coloured “post it” notes of information onto the cork board as you add more notes.

When I first started to draw I found the application laggy and slow, so I rebooted the Touchpad and reloaded the application. Happily, the app was a little snapper, but still not perfect.

All the navigation on the application is down by several buttons at the side of the screen. These allow you to change drawing styles and colours, add new pages, import in photos or export out an image, etc.

I feel the buttons could have been better used, for example, the X button quits the application, a home button to take you back to the cork board would have been better in this location, as it is hidden away with the page controls (the pile of sticky notes icon). Also the add button is very unresponsive at times.

Drawing works fine once you have learn how to change the pen sizes etc. There are moments of lag, but generally you can writing and draw fairly neatly. Inserting pictures is simple, but I could not find a way to resize or delete once imported.

There are no preference within the application, other than the options available on the buttons.

The user interface looks nice, but navigation takes some getting use to.

On the upside:

  • Nice layout.
  • Simple drawing app.

On the downside:

  • Lack of control over imported images.
  • Laggy with some tasks, like adding a new page.
  • More drawing options would have been nice, like shapes (boxes, circles etc).

Overall, this application is generally solid drawing application and works fine, but to be honest just does not offer enough for me to recommend it. There are other applications out there that offer many of the same features, some are even free.

Rating: 68%

Size: 15.6 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: TuYa HD – K C U F

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