22 Apr

GoogleMaps is a map application and is released by 72ka.

“This application is trying to be a replacement of unsupported Google Maps application for WebOS devices. The application is based on the Google API V3.”

This application offers almost all of the functionality of the built in Maps application, but using the Google Maps as opposed to the Bing Maps of the official version.

The application have an excellent layout with all the usual icons and options that you would expect for a map application. It will take a minute or two to learn the icons, and then it is very easy to navigate.

On loading, the application will offer to find your current location using the location settings, when I tested it locked onto the same location as the official Maps application.

At present the application allows you to search for a location or create a route between two locations. You get all the view available on Google like satelitte and hydrid.

Best of all, the application has the street view, so you can move through an area looking around. This works really well and is surprisingly fast.

The only real shortfall at the moment is bookmarking locations if you want to get somewhere you need to search it again. 

On the upside:

  • Faster than the Google Maps web pages.
  • Fully featured.
  • Street view works very well.

On the downside:

  • Lacking any way to bookmark locations at this stage.

Overall, this is a great version of Google Maps. The applications works a lot better than the official website on the Touchpad. WebOS Nation have highlighted this application on their website this week, and we are not surprised, it gives the Touchpad one of the best map application available anywhere, yes, even better than the iOS map application. If you are a fan of Google maps then this is a must have homebrew app.

Rating: 84%

Size: 1 MB

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: Google Maps – 72ka

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