21 Apr

Taurus is a multitasking social/media application and is released by OMA Studios.

“Taurus is a social networking app geared towards multi-tasking and productivity. Using a unique dashboard-and-column system, content is viewed in a way that suits you.”

When you first open Taurus, you will have a blank canvas, and you will need to add accounts to get started with the application.

The application currently supports: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Reader and ToodleDo.

Once you have added your accounts, you can set up a dashboard where you can view the main items from each account like twitter timelines and 

Taurus reminds me a lot of that other great productivity application “Glimpse”, it uses the Touchpad screen to the full and allows you to quickly access the information you want all from within one application. This is like “Glimpse” for all your online accounts.

There are lots of preferences to use for tweaking your tweets or facebook information. There is the now all important switch off autocorrect. There are also three other good themes to select from if you are not keen on the default theme.

All the sites that are supported work well, with links offering a dialog box when pressed to open in the browser, open within the app (a dialog window), share the URL or copy the url.

You can even open the browser directly from within the application (using the option from the menu).

The application also makes use of the notification bar, when Taurus is running in the background. You have a pinboard to paste information from other apps and you can even tweet directly from the notification bar, but as the on screen keyboard given is very small I would not recommend it for regular tweets.

The user interface is well designed with lots of options to change things that work best for you.

On the upside:

  • Excellent user interface.
  • A very productive way of checking your online accounts.
  • Has a very professional feel.

On the downside:

  • A confirmation on deleting items from the dashboard would have been useful.

Overall, this is an excellent application and it has been thoughtfully put together. For someone like me, who has more than one twitter account and several other online accounts, this is really a useful application. There are other applications that do one thing well, but this application manages to do several things very well. If you love your online accounts then this is a must have application, it will save your time and effect. 

Rating: 86%

Size: 25.2 MB

Price (at time of review): £3.18

Link: Taurus – OMA Studios


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