19 Apr

Another two application get the round up treatment.

Data Manager Demo : 71%

The application allows you to create a database on your Touchpad. This demo allows you to do all the basics so you will gave a good idea of what the full version of the application has on offer. I have been a database designer in the past, so I immediately noticed a few shortfalls with the application, or at least where things are not clear. As a professional designer I would have liked more control over some areas (Combo Boxs (wording for user, numbering for data), Automatic Numbering and several other features). All that said, for a number user they may find that the designer does everything they need and the demo does a good job of showing off the full product. It is the shame it is such a niche application with the limited webOS user base.

Picross Demo : 65%

This is an interesting puzzle game, you need to guess the boxes to fill in on the grid from the numbers along the top and side of the grid. For example, the starting grid is 8 by 8 squares so if the column you are looking has 8 at the top, you know that all the squares need to be black, if you was 7 you would need to guess which of the ones would be left white, looking at the row numbering will often show immediately which one. I am not a bit fan of these types of game, but this one works well. The pictures you are drawing are basic, but look reasonable (like zx spectrum sprites, if you are old enough to remember). The demo is good with several puzzles available to try, it will certainly help you to decide if you wish to purchase the full version.

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