17 Apr

Another two application get the round up treatment.

Russian Translator : 62%

This is a simple translation application. For this english side of things it is nothing you cannot do on the bing or google website. However, for Russian to English, the application comes into its own and gives you a russian keyboard to enter the text, which is very useful. The translations is all done online via bing, so the application does not work off WiFi. If you have a need to translate russian text you will find this useful, but for most Touchpad owners this is just a niche application.

Finger Notes : 45%

This application allows you to take notes by drawing in the Touchpad screen. The options are simple and the same as many other applications. However, at the moment the application has one big issue, the application seems to lock up while saving, I left the application saving for five minutes and the image had not saved. Also, to access the notepad you need to scroll away from two adverts for the Zazzle website. The main advert takes up 70% of the screen. As a drawing app, it is just too basic to be really useful.

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