16 Apr

With this weeks announcement of Carbon and Graphite no longer being available on the HP App Catalogue, things are feeling rocky for webOS again.

Graphite is one of my favourite Twitter readers and it is sad to hear the developers feel they cannot afford the time to support and develop the product, but an understandable one.

It was hoped that with the open sourcing of webOS that developers would hold out for someone to take up the webOS banner and make some hardware and give those developers a massive new market place.

For some developers that is not really an option, they need to feed their families now, and waiting another six months for some possible new hardware is not an option, especially as iOS and Android developers are making really money right now.

With no new hardware on the market, unless you are selling a new product on the HP App Catalogue it is very likely that you have sold all the products you are now, and everything else is just an ongoing cost of support.

With the closure of webOSroundup at the start of the month, webOS really is running short of something big to hang onto. Open webOS is still several months away and if we start losing more developers then who will be left to support things when a hardware manufacturer decides to use webOS.

The Homebrew community are working hard to keep people involved and the replacement of Pivot with a Hard brew version is one such exciting project.

As for the InternetGumshoe, we will continue supporting webOS as long as you guys do. However, we have seen a fall in our readership in the last few months, leading us to believe that several webOS users are not ready to weather this storm.

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