16 Apr

MetroReader – UK News is a newspaper downloader released by Andrews Technology Limited.

“The Metro is the UK’s largest free daily newspaper and the third biggest newspaper in the country. Launched in London in 1999, it now prints approximately 1.3 million copies daily and is distributed to commuters in 50 cities. With this app you can download each day’s edition to your Touchpad as a PDF file, to read at any time.”

When you open the app you are giving a list of available Metro newspapers to download and you can tap on one of these to look at small previews of the pages. You can tap onto a page for a larger preview, however, the larger preview is a bit too blurred to read, which is a bit of a shame as that could have made for a really fast online reading solution. 

The user interface is simple, with the issues on the left hand side and then the preview pages in the main view. You simply tap the pages you want, all click the all button, and then download.

One issue with MetroReader is the download process. You select the pages you wish to read and then click download. The download will take a little time, maybe 5-10 seconds per page selected. Then the application opens Adobe reader which then takes a minute or two to fully open and cache the first few pages. Not what I would call a quick and easy reading experience. The first time Adobe opened for me, the pages failed to open correctly with an error message, getting me to close down the Reader app and then reopen.

There is an iOS newstand application by Metro themselves and it may take longer to download the application, but the reading experience is much better.

On the upside:

  • Nice User Interface.
  • Easy to preview a newspaper to see if it is worth reading anything.
  • Good for downloading for offline reading during the day.

On the downside:

  • Better sources of news out there, like Zite etc.
  • Content download is not great, I would have liked the downloaded file opening within the app rather than swapping to adobe reader.

Overall, this is useful application especially for UK readers who are lacking an real newspaper applications. It has its advantages and disadvantages at the moment, with a few tweaks it could be a good application. It is a shame that the PDF needs to be handle by Adobe Reader, as it does not make the best job at showing the newpaper.

Rating: 71%

Size: 1.8 MB

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: MetroReader – UK News – Andrews Technology Limited

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