15 Apr

Math Quiz Jr is an educational app released by THEONE-CZE.

“Math Quiz Jr is a simple yet effective math quizzing application. Practice addition, subtraction, division, multiplications and fractions. Math Quiz Jr gives provides immediate results. Choose your quiz size, type, and difficulty in this easy to use application. You can also keep track of your score. This application is perfect for kids to practise their math skills.”

Math Quiz Jr, is not the first educational tool for webOS and there are several options on the HP App Catalog. However, this is not to say it is a welcome addition to the Preware list of applications.

The application always you to set up a quiz to help you test your maths knowledge. You can go straight for a Quick Quiz, or you can change the options from the set up quiz or the options screens. The options changes stay (for the quick quizs) and the set up quiz options are just for a single quiz, but the options will remain in the set up quiz page. 

The quizs themselves are nicely laid out with the question at the top, a list of 4 options for the answer in the middle, and a next button to submit the answer and move onto the next.

When an answer is submitted you will be told if it was correct or not, within a quick pop up window to show the correct answer.  

The options for the quiz are a little limited at they cover the higher ranges of numbers, so you are not really able to focus on times tables below 12 for younger children, which is a shame. You can also select how many questions are in the quiz, between 5 and 100.

The user interface is simple, but has the basics covered.

On the upside:

  • Well designed maths quiz.

On the downside:

  • Limited selections if you want for younger kids. (you can set below 10, but a 20 option would be nice)

Overall, this application offers a good range of maths questions and it is really difficult to tell want age group this applications is aimed at, I feel it maybe be between 9-12. With some tweaks I feel it could be opened up for younger kids with more basic add, subtract and multiplication (you cannot really have what is 12 x 12). If you are looking for an maths application it is certainly worth the download to see if it fits your needs.

Rating: 71%

Size: 1 MB

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: Math Quiz Jr – THEONE-CZE


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