14 Apr

Here are two application that have been updated since our original review and have been improved.

EVAC HD : 85% (up from 80%)

Evac for those you missed the original review is a cross between pacman and a puzzle game. You have to collect all the dots on the level to open the exit to move to the next level, and you are chased around the maze by enemies. However, Evac adds puzzles like movable blocks and spikes, then require puzzle solving too. There are several enemies to help protect you before the evil red blocks. This latest update has improved gameplay and best of all the controls. Before the twitchy controls could ruin a puzzle by accident, now this is not the case. The better controls have allowed me to continue to progress in the game. This game is now well worth downloading, if you had not tried it before.

Mobileng F1 2012 HD: Now 70% (up from 64%)

This applications has only recently been released, but has already seen several improvements that make it more useful to the F1 fans out there. It now links into the rss feed to get the lastest F1 news and there has also been the addition qualifying information for the races. I have a feeling that you may have to wait for an update for the next results to be added to the application, but at least this means tweaks and extras may also be added over time. I still wish that there was a little more, like driver information, but this one is worth a look for all the F1 fans now.

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