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Ninja Camp is a mix between Fruit Ninja and tap shooter game and is released by Caffeina Studio. 

“You always wanted to be a Ninja – and here is your opportunity! Join the Camp to challenge yourself and your reflexes! Be fast and focused while throwing your shuriken to hit objectives, resist as long as you can to increase your level, earn coins and power-up your Ninja!”

First off the bat, this is version 1.0.1. of the game, and it does something very strange on loading. It sits on a black screen for between 20 and 30 seconds with no sound or anything. Then the game main screen will load. What the game is doing in that time, who knows, but it will more than likely make you think it has crashed. It is not just the first time it loads, it is every time you load it.

The game puts you in control of a ninja who is doing his shuriken (ninja star) training.

You are given two modes to select from, “The Camp” which gives ongoing levels and the chance to level up and the Single Round mode which is a single level with a large number of shurikens and limited lives.

The idea of both modes are the same. Items are thrown onto the screen and your ninja needs to throw the shurikens at the object to get rid of them. If you miss an item, you will lose a life. There are also fireworks thrown onto the screen if you hit these then you will also lose a life. People who have played fruit ninja and similar games will get the idea immediately.

Rather than going for the swipe to break gameplay, this game has you tap the screen and the shuriken will fly in the direction of where you tapped. Therefore if an item is moving fast you will need to tap in front of its current location for a chance to hit it.

There are some power ups in the game, such as weapon, which allows you to throw more than one star at a time and speed. These power ups are lost when you make a mistake like hitting a firework or missing an item.

Your shuriken can break more than one item in its flight so you can clock up combos by hitting more than one item with one shot. This also means that you risk hitting a firework if it is on the same line.

As you advance in levels in the game you will gain coins to spend on short term power ups or for a lot of coins health gains etc. The coins are also gained by doing missions in the game (mission are basic like do a combo, throw 75 shurikens etc)

The graphics are good, but limited. There is no music and the sound effects are switched off, but there are reasonable.

On the upside:

  • Fast and Fun gameplay
  • Interesting twist on the game style.

On the downside:

  • Worrying black screen at start up, what is it doing in all that time.
  • Repetitive gameplay.
  • We have seen this all before.

Overall, the game is fun to play, but there is not much to keep you coming back for long. The coins would add something to the game, but are a little wasted on short term advances rather than unlocking something new. If it was not for the black screen on loading, I would say that some casual gamers would fine this game fun, but if you only have a few minutes to play you do not want to waste a minute of it just getting the game to load up and launch a game.

Rating: 69%

Size: 15.3 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: Ninja Camp – Caffeina Studios

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