09 Apr

Another two application get the round up treatment.

diliTimer : 70%

This timer application makes use of the screen size of the Touchpad screen for the timer. When you open the application you see a layout of containing hours, minutes and seconds. The columns of buttons are not labelled, but it is clear what they are. You then tap the time you want. So the 6 in the minute column if you want a 6 minute egg for example. You tap the play icon on the header section and the timer begins. The time will be shown in the middle of the header and will show in the right of the header counting down. The header will also begin to fill like a status bar as the clock counts down. The idea is simple, but works well. If you need a timer app for the Touchpad this one is one of the best I have seen.

Night Light Timer : 58%

This application allows you to use the Touchpad as a night light. You really need the Touchpad on charge for this to work at its best (it is avaiable as an Exhibition option). You open the application and you can select the amount of time the Touchpad will work as a nightlight (Between 30 seconds and 25 minutes). Once selected the screen will have a grey background and use the brightness of the screen to give a very reasonable night light. Then at the end of the time the application changes to a black screen and dims, effectively switching off the night light. For me, the timing options are too limited with only 7 times available, it really needs a preference for the time. What if I wanted an hour for example?

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