07 Apr

Here are two application that have been updated since our original review and have been improved.

Bracket Trackit : 77% (up from 73%)

This application has been tweaked and improved since the last review, which was not very long ago. If you like tracking your events (especially with the olympics on there way) you can track them using this application. You can even download some sample events to see how the application looks with a populated bracket. The themes have been tweaked and a few bugs squashed. This really does feel like a professional application. If you are tracking a sports event it is a must have. It is still a bit laggy at times, but generally a great application.

ReadOnTouch PRO : Now 85% (up from 82%)

This application continues to updated and improved. Since the last time we reviewed it has dropped in price and now half price. It has added several sharing features that are very useful. Syncing appear to be faster. It can also be linked to other applications like MeOrg and Advanced Browser. The all-round experience has been tweaked and if you are a user of ReadItLater then you really do not this application. With the ability to read offline by caching articles you really can read where ever you are. If you are not a ReadItLater user, it makes it worthwhile signing up to the service.

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