06 Apr

Another two application get the round up treatment.

Mobileng F1 2012 HD : 64%

This application will being you details of the results of the current F1 calendar. The application is fairly limited. You get all the basic information you want on the F1 calender, like tracks and dates. You can see the results of the completed races, the driver standings, constructors championship and even the layout of the tracks. Navigating is simple. All you would expect from a free application. However, you are left feeling that adding a bit more data on the application would really have improved it. Driver information/bios, more on the constructors would have been nice. Even things like qualifying times etc for the races are no available. All of which makes it limited to the information you can get from a good website, like BBC sport for example.

LWB Mobile : 61%

This application offers an online version of the King James Bible and also access to streams and semons for yesteryear. This one is I reviewing the application and how it works rather than the content as with all religious apps. Navigation is generally good, as long as you remember the column siders and do not look for back buttons. Sometimes the view goes to four columns, which can mean very small columns at times. The reading experience is sometimes laggy, due to delays downloading from the web. The stream audio has poor audio quality from what I found, like a recording of a live sermon has been recorded on an old fashion tape recorded at a distance and then digitised at a low bit rate for the web.

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