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FunTime 3D EDesigner Easter is an easter egg designer released by Game Scorpion Inc.

“A Truly unique Egg Making experience! FunTime 3D eDesigner Easter edition is the most unique 3D app in the market allowing you to fully customize your own 3D Easter Egg! Choose from various colors and designs for a truly unique Egg that you can share with the world!”

The idea behind this game is simple. Create a colourful and unique easter egg with the application and then save it out to show to friends and family.

My daughter who is four was excited when she saw the application on the App Store, and wanted to make a Egg, so as I was going to review I agreed she could try it. I think she also liked the cartoon rabbit on the screen shots.

On loading you are given an egg to work on, you need to give it a name, and there is the first surprise. The application pops up a none Touchpad keyboard which is not very responsive and has a strange layout.

Once named you can click the -> button to move to the next step and begin to design your egg. This is split into 4 steps, with the top design first, then top middle, bottom middle and then the base of the egg. It has to be said that the user interface for the designs is slow and hard to use. You tap slowly left and right through the designs and the colours are done via R.G.B. interface of 0 to 255 for each of the prime colours. So when my daughter whats a yellow on her egg, what RGB setting does see need for that, as I said, not kid friendly. I have a clue as I am a web designer. 

The design elements are also blurry when placed on the egg, so look nothing like the preview for them.

The application really does feel like it was designed for a mouse rather than touch interface. It may be built from a flash site for all I know.

Both my kids had a look at the application aged 4 and 8, and neither liked the user interface. My daughter keep trying the paint brush button to change the colour, but all this does is take you to the main menu.

The graphics of the egg are nice 3D, but the effects are blurred. There is a 10 second music track that loops continually, so you soon turn it off. I am sure that I have heard the track before in another app, I will not say which one I believe it is from, but you can hear a click when the recording stops and loops.

On the upside:

  • you can design some nice eggs.

On the downside:

  • Sound loop taken from another app (you can here the click at the end of the 10 second loop)
  • User interface is poor (non-touchpad keyboard, poor colour selection, poor effect selections)
  • Not kid friendly in the user experience.
  • The cartoon bunny does not appear within the application.

Overall, this is a tough app to rate. If it was designed for kids to us, then it is too confusing and poorly designed for them to use. For adults the tools are still confusing and a simple colour and effect selector would have been far better. This just seems to have been thrown together from a tech demo in order to release for easter. Which is a shame as my kids could have had some fun with this one. FunTime it isn’t. I have not rated too low, as you can design nice looking eggs given the time and effort.

Rating: 60%

Size: 10.3 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: FunTime 3D eDesigner Easter – Game Scorpion Inc

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