02 Apr

Another two application get the round up treatment.

ABC Trace Trial : 61%

This application is learning tool for younger children to teach them how to write letters. The demo offers the letters A to G to see how the application works. The basics of the application are there, but I found it lacked variety and had the occasional misfire of sound or images, such as when I returned to a previously completed letter. The artwork of the animals (that appears when the words are traced) are fair. You also have the option just to view the characters/animals when you tap a letter for younger kids. My daughter (4 years old) gave the demo a go and enjoyed it for about five minutes before going to something else. This demo is worth a look if you are considering the full version, but from what I have seen the full version may be a little to limited to keep your children using it for long.

Track my Project Time HD : 58%

This application allows you create a list of projects you are working on. You can then open the project and tap on the start button while you are working on it and it will record the time and begin a timer. Once the task on the project is completed, you tap stop and the end time and time spent will be recorded. You can add multiple timings to the project, and this will add to the total time on the project. It is a nice idea and the basics do work, however, I would have liked more features, like a description for the task you are recording. Also the time is badly displayed with no leading 0 on numbers below ten, so 1 minute and 5 seconds shows as 0:1:5. The application also offers an export option for the timings for the project, however, this layout needs a little work too. With a little work to the user interface and layouts this app could have been so much better. Hopefully the developer will tweak it in future.

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