01 Apr

pReader Native Alpha is a book reader released by Jappus.

“This is the native alpha release of the pReader eBook reading software. It’s a radical rewrite of the Javascript pReader found in the AppCatalog and uses the new capabilities offered by the WebOS PDK. Like the old version, it supports ePub, eReader, MobiPocket, PalmDOC, plaintext and HTML files.”

The application opens to a short loading screen and then you are presented with a Library screen where you can add books into your library. You will need to have the books preloaded on the Touchpad and know where to find them, as the application does not auto search the device, you need to dig your way through the file structure to find them.

Once the books are added you can start reading, click on one of the book and the book will open. There is an auto book mark when you close the book, so the book will return back to the last page you read when you open it again.

There are several preferences on offer to change all sorts of things, like the theme colours, sizes of font and how the the page turns are done. These options are good, but sometimes fail to work as expected.

The book layouts vary greatly, sometimes with the word spacing being a little too large and things like chapter breaks within the book are ignored in this reader, but seen in other ePub readers. This may be due to the application supporting more than ePub with other supported formats listed as: kindle, text, html, palmdoc and mobipocket.

During my tests I found that text, html and epub were dealt with well (if smaller than 1MB files), but I could not get a Kindle file to import, the application just sat there with a rotating importing icon, this is a shame as the UK still lacks a Kindle reader for the Touchpad, as Amazon refused to release the app over here.

The user interface is simple, it is no Kindle or iBooks, but has the basics covered.

On the upside:

  • It’s a good EPUB reader.
  • Looks of preferences to select from.
  • Can be used portrait and landscape.

On the downside:

  • Fails to open some files, just returns meaningless code.
  • Lacks the ease of use of other reader applications, but still in alpha.

Overall, this application does a generally good job at dealing with simply epubs and other files. However, if the files are larger or move complex it does seem to stuggle or fails to load them. As the application is in Alpha, it may improve greatly over time, but at the moment, it is just another fair epub reader with no special features that work.

Rating: 68%

Size: 5.8 MB

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: pReader Native Alpha – Jappus


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