31 Mar

Here are two application that have been updated since our original review and have been improved.

Retune : 80% (up from 70%)

This application acts as a remote control to iTunes on your computer. Since our original review the application has been improved and has added several features that were missing from the review version. You can now remote control all elemenents of iTune including the Movie and TV sections, which makes this a far more useful application. The user interface has been tweaked and I must say that this really is a match for the official Apple remote application. If you like iTunes this is a must have application.

Video PodCatcher Deluxe : Now 85% (up from 82%)

This application allows you to subscribe to podcasts (video and audio) direct from the Touchpad. When it was first released it had several of its features limited by the webOS restriction, but now over time, as the restrictions have been removed the application has become as it was originally planned. You can now stream video directly to the application and watch the video within the application. You can still download podcasts for watching offline later if you wish. There are even suggested podcasts when you come to add new feeds, which makes discovery a little easier.

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