30 Mar

Another two application get the round up treatment.

Lyrix : 68%

This application allows you to search for a song via artist, song name or lyrics and then once located click on the song and see the lyrics of the song in a pop up window. The Navigation could do with a few tweaks, like having the search box available at all times, as it only appears on the main screen. You have the preferences to search via a country, so the top lyrix list is changed if you select a different country. It is a shame you cannot copy and paste out lyrics. The application is powered by and does not have all the features of the site, but if you are looking for song lyrics this is a get little application to have to had, and can sort out some disagreements with your mates.

Film City : 35%

This App does not get off to a great start, with a pop up message reading “Trouble Getting Feed” as soon as it is loaded. You click the OK box and the message does not go away. However, click on the side bar that has loaded and the message will disappear and you can use the application. Basically it works a little like the IMDB website with information on upcoming films including reviews, cast lists and information about the film. There are links to view trailers and photo, however, they do not work at this time. So all in all, this could be a good application when it working, but at the moment a disappointment.  

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