28 Mar

Another two application get the round up treatment.

Italian Audio Dictionary HD Lite : 60%

This application is very much an advertisement for the paid application with most of the screen taken up with an advert from the paid application. You can look at the dictionary areas of the application and find that the Italian A-Z section is open in the demo. This section is fairly complete, and you can see what the Italian is in English and here the italian being read to you. Not bad for a free application, but does not give you a true feel of what you will be getting in the full application, you need to watch the YouTube click on the paid application to learn that. 

American Sign Language Lite : 58%

This is a demo version of the full application, that teachs you American Sign Language. It is a very cut down version of the full release with only one catagory left open and even the search is disabled. The application can over be used in portrait mode. As far as a learning tool you can see an image of the hand movement with a description of the movement once you tap on the image. Most of the time the description is clear, but sometimes a little bit confusing. You can save your favorite words to a My Words list. You will not get much from this demo, but you will see what is on offer in the full application.

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