27 Mar

Prototype5 is a retro style space shooter released by cmcs.


Prototype5 is a retro style shooter with wave after wave of attacks with alien ships sweeping onto the screen. You need to dodge them and their shots wiping them out with your weapon were possible.

The enemies will drop the odd power up, however, these are very limited to extra energy for your ship (shields if you will) and double shot rather than single shot (this only lasts around 20 seconds)

This game really does feel like a Prototype, as your ship is just a green circle and the enemy ships are just different coloured arrows that fly down the screen.

The game has no storyline, high score table, no difficulty levels or anything really.

One of the issues I had with the game was the first waves Level 1 to 5 are fairly dull, there is no real risk of dying during these stages as long as you pick up the energy power ups and do not sit still. You need to play the game from over 10 minutes before things begin to get interesting. Level 8 is around the stage things become tough and a challenge, however, it is also the time when the numbers in the swarms of ship suddenly cause lag, and you end up losing enemy as the Touchpad fails to keep up.

Gameplay wise, the game plays smoothly in the early stages and there are moments of fun, but it is too heavily mixed with the dullness of the early levels and then the lag of the higher levels.

The game is controlled by touching the “ship” and moving it around with your finger.

The graphics are very basic, but functional. The music is very good and nice to listen to.

On the upside:

  • Retro Shooter
  • Endless gameplay.

On the downside:

  • Dull and unchallenging in the early levels with no way to skip.
  • Very repetitive gameplay.
  • Lack of options, power ups or anything that will bring you back for long.

Overall, this is a reasonable shooter, but far to easy on the easy levels. It really does feel like a Prototype and I hope the developers add more to the game as time goes on. It is a shame that the game feels unfinished just a few options or extra power ups would have made all the difference.

Rating: 66%

Size: 13.9 MB

Price (at time of review): £0.79

Link: Prototype5 – cmcs

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