26 Mar

Another two application get the round up treatment.

HRS Hotel Portal : 51%

This application is a hotel finder and a portal for the HRS (Hotel Reservation Service). The application itself has a nice user interface with a nice use of Bing maps. You can search a location, give a hotel type as a preference and the dates of the stay along with adults, children etc. However, it just did not work for me at all. Every time I searched on a location the application would return “No hotels found.” I do not know if you need to be logged in for the app to work, however, when I looked at their website I found dozens of hotels at the locations I had searched and it did not require a log in. It is hard to believe that the application would have been released with a flaw like this, maybe a backend service was down at the time of testing. 

Love Voucher : 49%

This application helps you to search for vouchers and special offers available for shops and stores in the UK. The user interface is very basic, but usable. You can enter the product you are looking for, the merchant and the location you are searching in. Again, when I searched I found nothing. Finally I found 2 offers in the London area, miles away from my home. I found it a shame that you could not search on a merchant without setting the product, as this would be helpful to see what offers a merchant would have in your area. I think the company is just lacking in vouchers and offers for now, but only two in the whole country is very disappointing indeed.

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