25 Mar

WebOSM is an OpenStreetMap application and is released by Maël Lavault.

“A simple open source map viewer based on OpenStreetMap and OpenAerials, aimed to be fast and simple.”

This application offers some of the functionality of the built in Maps application, but using the OpenStreetMap as opposed to the Bing Maps of the official version.

The application is nicely laid out making the layout of other map applications with search bar and options at the top of the search.

On loading, the application will offer to find your current location using the location settings, however, it failed to locate my Touchpad on the map, compared with the built in app that had me a half a mile from my real location. 

At present the application allows you to search for a location or create a route between two locations. Views are limited to Road and Satellite. The Satellite view did not zoom in all the way to my home town, whiting out the screen when I could just make out the vague outlines of the town and river from the view. On the bing maps you can zoom down and see my house in great detail.

The user interface is easy to use with manual browsing working quickly, and the search functions finding the places fairly quickly.

On the upside:

  • Can be faster than the built in Maps application (when using roads view)
  • The functions the app have all work well.

On the downside:

  • Limited options at the moment.
  • Does nothing the built in Maps application does not cover already.

Overall, this is nice application with the developer trying to do something that already exists, but trying to do it better. I understand this being a homebrew application during development and testing, while the feature lists grows, so I was a bit surprised to find it as a paid app on the HP App Catalog as well. At the moment, the application falls a little short compared with the built in App, but this does not mean it is a bad application. If the developer can add the features that have been promised it could be a great application, and I wish him luck.

Rating: 68%

Size: 1 MB

Price (at time of review): Free

Link: webOSM – Maël Lavault

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