24 Mar

Here are two application that have been updated since our original review and have been improved.

GRave Defense HD : 83% (up from 78%)

The latest update to Grave Defence has added lots of new levels as well as several minor improvements to the gameplay. This is still one of the best tower defence games on the Touchpad. The gameplay and graphics are both very good, with some good tower and monster designs. Some of the levels are still overly long (making you play on fast forward) and a several levels where the final wave enemy can wipe out 20 minutes of game play as it races through gun fire that has decimated all the other waves.

Tanked : Now 80% (up from 74%)

This application has been improving over time, it now offers online multiplayer gameplay as well as between 2 and 4 multiplayer around the Touchpad using split screen gameplay. Multiplayer is something greatly lacking from most webOS games and I have to say that the online experiences I have had with the game are very good. This game is simple and will not win any awards, but it does offer fun gameplay and some laughs along the way (with the beagle weapon). I just wish there was more of a single player option (to practice before launching online).

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