21 Mar

Another two application get the round up treatment.

Bracket Trackit : 73%

This is an application that allows you to track the results of sporting events etc, where two teams play off against each other. You can select between 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 teams, so you really can track almost any type of event. You can name and describe the event and then add the seeding and scores for the teams. You can give teams a bye if a team drops out. There are several theme options and backgrounds to you can tweak the UI to look how you wish. If I was to tweak the application in any way I would make brackets deletable from the main menu and allow someone to enter teams the option of creating a list of team and then randomly allocate the brackets. If you wish to track events this is a must have application and one I would have been happy to pay a little money for. 

Track My Weight : 68%

This application may look a little basic user interface wise, but generally is a solid application that really can help a person track the changes in their weight over time. It gives you the preferences to set up a profile of your gender and height for BMI. it tracks your weight, graphics your progress (with projected weights etc) and you can even set Goals within the application to see if you can achieve them. If you are interested in weight loss and want to track your progress this application is great. Well worth a download.

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